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Billboard #1 Hits: #732: ‘Ice Ice Baby’- Vanilla Ice. November 3, 1990. #1 for 1 week in Billboard Hot 100.

  • Single: ‘Ice Ice Baby’- Vanilla Ice
  • Record Company- SBK
  • Genre- Pop Rap
  • Written by Floyd Brown, Mario Johnson, Robert Van Winkle, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor
  • Time: 3:46
  • B-side: ‘Play That Funky Music’
  • Album- To The Extreme
  • Grade: C
  • Peaked at #1 1 week in Billboard Hot 100. #1 in UK Singles Chart. #1 in Australia, Belgium, Iceland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Zimbabwe.

Robert Van Winkle- aka Vanilla Ice. I can still recall that clip they played where he was trying to explain that his hit- wasn’t a rip off of the Queen/ Bowie hit : ‘Under Pressure’- how the beats were different. Right. Eventually he had to give them credit. What an ass clown he was- and what a big backlash against him. Even worse than the backlash against Milli Vanilli. He went from #1 on the charts to being a laughing stock seemingly overnight. If I recall correctly he came up with some outlandish background story about growing up on the mean streets- etc- turns out it wasn’t true. This song was catchy- how could it not be with the Queen/Bowie beat. The b-side -a remake of ‘Play That Funky Music’- went to #4 and the album-went to #1- that was the end of the road for the Ice Man as far as hits go.

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