i have had a lot going on lately. a lot of personal stuff that i just need to process so when it came my turn to pick a show it kind of slipped my mind. a quick aside no matter what you are going through – you can make it. you are stronger than what ever it is. trust me. i have been dealt some real damage, and i am still kicking. anyway.

The Rockford Files ran from 1974-1980 for 119 episodes. It starred James Garner as Jim Rockford an every man private detective. it was a departure from most of the cop/detective shows of the time. Rockford would get beat up, would lose fights, get arrested, and always be involved in general mayhem.

The show used an answering machine (no voice mail in those days) during the opening credits and the message changed from show to show. also of note was the theme song for this show. Mike Post and Pete Carpenter put this one together, as they did for many of the tv shows during the era.

i won’t do this one justice unfortunately in my writing, and i have not watched all of the episodes in years. some are obviously not going to hold up to now because of cell phones and the like.

Try out a few shows and see what you think.


  1. Great show, Quinn! Garner made my grandmother swoon! The theme is one of many great ones from Mike Post. Regarding you personally, I am sorry life has been rough. I completely get it. Will keep you in my prayers, pal. If you need an ear – my email is on the group list. Take care of YOU!

  2. Hope things get better for you soon…and thank you for temporarily taking over that site so things like this TV draft can continue on.
    My dad kind of liked the show, I don’t remember much of it but for that theme tune, which is indeed like Max says one of the best TV ones ever.
    You make a very good point about how celphones etc have changed everything. When I was writing a novel a couple of years back, I set it in 2000 mostly for that reason… some of the story necessitated people losing phone numbers, kind of losing track of others in their life… it would be hard to pull that off when everyone has a celphone, loaded with Facebook and Instagram in their hand most of the day!

  3. I grew up watching this show with my Dad. Any show that had anything to do with cops or investigators, my Dad was watching it…and so was I (he controlled the TV!…LOL!). I always loved that Pontiac Firebird! Geezus! Garner was an actual well trained racing driver. I loved watching him do the Emergency Brake/J-Turn maneuver. I don’t remember any of the episodes, right off hand but, I loved Noah Beery and one of my favorite actresses, Lindsay Wagner, was on it. Garner was a good-looking man, even for the age he was when this was on. Excellent choice!

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