Country Road – James Taylor | The Year in Music 1963 - 1988

Billboard Top 40 Hits 1971: #24: “Country Road”- James Taylor. February 6, 1971.

  • Single: “Country Road”- James Taylor
  • Record Company- Warner Brothers
  • Genre: Folk Rock
  • Written by James Taylor
  • Time: 3:24
  • B-side:”Sunny Skies”
  • Album- Sweet Baby James
  • Grade: A-
  • Peaked at #37 8 weeks in Billboard Hot 100.

“Country Road” was the second single from James Taylor’s second album Sweet Baby James [ the first was his break through hit “Fire and Rain” #3 in late 1970. James Taylor was born in Boston in 1948. From 1970- to 1997 he had 22 Hot 100 singles with 14 making the Top 40. His biggest hit was “You’ve Got A Friend” his cover of Carole King’s song from her Tapestry album which went to #1. “Country Road” was inspired inspired by Somerset Street in Belmont, Massachusetts, a wooded road that ran adjacent to McLean Hospital where Taylor had committed himself in 1965 to receive treatment for depression.

4 responses to “BILLBOARD TOP 40 HITS 1971: #24: “COUNTRY ROAD”- JAMES TAYLOR

  1. A good friend of mine is one of James Taylor’s biggest fans, and has seen him in concert more than 20 times over the years. I saw Taylor and Carole King on their Troubadour reunion tour in St. Louis in 2010, along with my friend and his wife (who sadly passed away in 2017).

    • I have never seen Taylor in concert- even back in the late 80’s and early 90’s when I went to a lot of concerts. Maybe he just didn’t come around? While not a super fan- I do like him.

  2. I’m a big fan of his music but only recently bought a mini-box set with 5 of his albums: JT, Flad, Dad Loves His Work, That’s Why I’m Here, and Never Die Young. Have yet to listen to it. Appreciate learning origin story of this song.

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