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Every Billboard Top 40 Hit 1971: “D.O.A.”- Bloodrock. 6th and final Top 40 entry for the week of January 2, 1971.

  • Single: “D.O.A.’- Bloodrock
  • Record Company- Capitol
  • Genre: Rock
  • Written by Rutledge, Pickens, Grundy, Taylor, Hill and Cobb
  • Time: 4:32
  • B-side: “Children’s Heritage”
  • Album- Bloodrock 2
  • Grade: C
  • Peaked at #36 13 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100.

“D.O.A” by the Texas hard rock band Bloodrock- is about an air crash victim and his girlfriend dying on the way to the hospital- not the feel good hit of 1971. Bloodrock would release six albums in the first half of the 70’s before fading into oblivion. “D.O.A” would be their only Hot 100 single. I had never heard this song until today- a very forgettable single. The song was inspired by a plane crash guitarist Lee Pickens was involved in as a 17 year old- “When I was 17, I wanted to be an airline pilot,” Pickens said. “I had just gotten out of this airplane with a friend of mine, at this little airport, and I watched him take off. He went about 200 feet in the air, rolled and crashed.”

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  1. OK, so I’m on a road trip with my good buddy and two chicks we agreed to give a ride from Aspen Colorado back home to L.A.
    We were highon psychedelics and it was the middle of the night somewhere between states where the road went on forever, dark as night can be, only guidelines were the rapid-fire dashes in the middle of the road, and suddenly D.O.A. comes on the radio – it was not forgetable – we just listened – it was freaky as Hell. Good times.

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