That's Dr. Tommy Lasorda to You: Dodger Great Receives Honorary LMU Degree  - LMU Newsroom

Baseball Hall of Fame Manager Tommy Lasorda has died at the age of 93. The colorful Lasorda managed the Dodgers to two World Series Championships 1981 and in 1988 during his two decades as manager- 1976-1996. Lasorda who always said he bled “Dodger Blue”- began his major league career as a pitcher from 1954-56. After his playing career ended he was hired as a scout with the Dodgers in 1960 before becoming a minor league manager then third base coach for the Dodgers before replacing Walter Alston as Dodger manager when Alston retired in 1976. Lasorda’s record as a manager was 1599 wins and 1439 losses. He was named Manager of the Year in the National League twice. In 2000 he came back to manager Team USA in the 2000 Olympics- leading the USA to the Gold Medal.

In the first week of 2021- a Pro Football Hall of Famer [Floyd Little} a Professional Basketball Hall of Famer-[Paul Westphal} and now a Baseball Hall of Famer in Lasorda have died.


    • I swear I saw Tommy one day- it was around this time of the year- I was walking into a gas station and he was coming out. If it wasn’t him it was his twin. I later thought why would Tommy be here- a small town in northern WV? There was a horse racing track up the road and I thought maybe he was in Pittsburgh for some reason and went to the races with someone?….. I also think I saw Fidel Castro once- if there were only call phones with cameras back then i’d have gotten a picture with this guy- a dead ringer, he even had a cigar in his hand–but wasn’t wearing the uniform.

    • I would almost bet you saw him. He was from PA and he got around. That race track sounds like his kind of place. I will say he was a good people person…unless you are a short pitcher named Pedro…”Oh he will wear out.” Sorry Hans…Delino for Pedro haunts me.

      I’ve heard stories of Tommy coming to Nashville at a certain country music club. He would go around tasting people’s food off the tables and the staff would be pissed. He would come to Nashville to help some Nuns raise money…I never got to see him though.

      Now Castro…I’m not so sure!

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