Hans Remembers- Saturday August 8, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

Casey Stengel – Society for American Baseball Research
  • At Yankee Stadium the legendary manager Casey Stengel’s #37 was retired. As Yankee skipper Stengel led the Yankees to seven World Series titles from 1949-60. He would die in 1975 at the age of 85.
The Cemetery Traveler - by Ed Snyder: Bessie Smith's Grave
  • Janis Joplin bought a headstone for her biggest influence- blues singer Bessie Smith- who is buried at Mont Lawn Cemetery in Philadelphia. Smith died in 1937 in an automobile accident after being refused admission to a white’s only hospital.
Janis Joplin: Facts You May Not Know About The Singer - Simplemost
  • A busy day for Janis- that night in Port Chester, New York she wrote and then performed for the first time “Mercedes Benz.” It would be the next to last concert in her career.
Lolita: Not a person or a book: Lolita is a killer whale - The ...
  • Lolita, a female orca whale was caught in Puget Sound in Washington and sold to the Miami Seaquarium in Florida to serve as the mate for Hugo, a male orca. Estimated at six years old in 1970- Lolita would begin her 50th year in captivity in 2019.
Secretary of State William Rogers briefs President Nixon on his ...
  • A ceasefire between Egypt and Israel brokered by U.S. Secretary of State William Rogers took effect after midnight local time with no fighting in the area 31 miles wide on each side of the Suez Canal.


    • I saw the great Casey at a 10 year reunion of the Pirates-Yankees ’60 World Series. Sad memory someone hit a liner to center and The Mick came running in- it went over his head he misjudged it. He’d only retired a year earlier.

  1. Yeah, the Bessie Smith death made my mouth drop open. How do you turn away a dying person from a hospital and get up in the morning and look in the mirror and think everything’s okay?

  2. I looked Bessie Smith up, curious about the details of her car accident, and according to some sources, she wasn’t taken to a white hospital and turned away. She was taken to a “black” hospital and died there from massive internal injuries and blood loss. I think the other story’s become a kind of urban myth, but it’s definitely not beyond reason that this kind of thing did happen. The Dorothy Dandridge tale of her dipping her toe in the Vegas pool that they then later drained and cleaned was probably an urban myth too; more likely the hotel used an often-resorted-to tactic of simply draining the pool while the black guests stayed there so that they could not use that amenity.

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