It was 46 years ago today that The Beatles compilation Rock ‘n’ Roll was released. This album is significant to me because it was my introduction to The Beatles. That fall I met my friend Andy and he was a Beatles fan and his talking of them got me interested. Up to that point I wasn’t an avid music listener. That fall after a couple months of hearing about how great The Beatles were- I was at a now defunct department store called The Big Wheel and in looking in their record department they had one Beatles album- this one which was the newest Beatles release. I honestly had no idea what I was really looking for in the first place and I bought this. I liked the music but it wasn’t until I dug deeper into The Beatles [the next two albums I bought were the best of- 1962-66 [Red album} and 1967-70 [blue album} compilations and then I realized how inadequate the Rock “N” Roll collection was. In looking over the songs on the double album I see why it was so lacking- there were a dozen covers. On the Red and Blue albums it was all Beatles written songs- which even to my inexperienced ears sounded immediately great. Then I began buying the individual albums–and the Rock “N” Roll album of course stayed in my collection but hasn’t been played all that often over the years. Note- one of the worst album covers ever. The album did go to #2 on the albums chart in 1976. It was my introduction.


    • The thing that gets me is- its a 50’s kind of look they weren’t a 50’s’s like Happy Days.

    • Looking for 10 players- have 7 right now. 10 rounds- each round will have a different order I will use a numbers generator with each new round to determine the draft order. Once an album is picked it is off the board. Example lets say you have the third pick in round one- and someone takes Sgt. Pepper with the first pick and Pet Sounds with the second. its your pick and you can take any album but those two.. and so on as the draft goes on. I am looking at starting July 1- there will only be one pick on any given day- so every ten day period everyone will have one pick- then a new round will start- so it will end in mid- September. Albums eligible- studio and live albums- no greatest hits, best of’s or box sets.. as far as when its your turn to make a pick- just asking for everyone to write something about their pick- it can be as short as a paragraph or as long as the person picking wants it to be. At the end of the draft in September we will have 100 albums selected. Of course there is no winners or losers there. The major rule involved is- a studio or live album. Thought it might be a fun activity to do.

  1. There are so many Beatles compilations. Frankly, I didn’t know this one.

    I always thought The Beatles did a great job playing rock & roll covers. Plus, it really was their origin. The title track happens to be one of my favorite Beatles rock & roll covers, along “Twist and Shout” and “Dizzy Miss Lizzy”.

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