Hans Remembers- Sunday June 7, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

The Who's game-changing rock opera 'Tommy' turns 50
  • The Who performed their rock opera Tommy at New York City’s Metropolitan Opera House- the first time rock music had been performed at “The Met.”
News | PBA Spare Shots: How to Order Your Copy of New Earl Anthony ...
  • Earl Anthony who would become one of the most dominating bowlers in Professional Bowlers Association history- a six time national champion won the first of 43 PBA Tour tournaments winning the Heidelberg Open in Seattle. Anthony my favorite all-time bowler- since he was a lefty.
E M Forster - The British Library
  • English novelist E.M. Forster best known for writing the book A Passage To India- died at the age of 91.
Da Costa to battle British weather in record attempt| News
  • Born on this day- Ronaldo da Costa a Brazilian long distance runner who at one time had the world record for fastest marathon.

7 responses to “HANS REMEMBERS- SUNDAY JUNE 7, 1970- 50 YEARS AGO

  1. I used to watch ABC’s Wide World of Sports with my dad on Sundays and remember the bowling tournaments and remember Roth and also Johnny Petraglia. My dad (born in the 1920’s) dropped out of school in 6th grade and became a pin setter at one of the local bowling alleys. Bowling was big in these parts back then and still draws a lot of people. I’ve got extended family members that roll 300 (or used to.)

    • I miss Wide World Of Sports- introduced me to a lot of different sports that you don’t usually see. They used to have bowling on every week- I haven’t seen it on tv in years.. your family must have the bowling gene! One night-40 years ago I’d guess now I rolled a 262. My second best ever is probably around 160. I don’t know how that one happened..

    • Bowling is big here as we had a giant Brunswick production complex here back in the day. Lots of bowling alleys. 262??? wow, that’s something to be proud of. If there is a bowling gene, I didn’t inherit it. My older son was into it for awhile then gave it up. Some of my co-workers were into it bigtime and bowled on leagues. Wide World of Sports was a weekly thing at my dad’s house.

    • “The thrill of victory..the agony of defeat.”… around here it used to be bigger than what it is now- bowling..not many lanes open anymore. It was always fun even if I wasn’t very good at it.

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