Now, Leo Tolstoy is anti-India? Court questions activist on 'War ...

I am a big reader-but mainly non-fiction. Last summer I picked up a two volume copy of one of the most famous of novels- War And Peace by Leo Tolstoy and in the fall I read the first volume but then got sidetracked. A friend recently mentioned that ‘for some reason’ he had started reading it- which got me back on board- a few days ago I picked up volume 2- and I am now determined to finish the book. I am really enjoying the read and I am seriously thinking of sprinkling in some ‘classics” into my reading mix. Here is an article I ran across a few weeks back- on reading classics. I agree with the article on War And Peace- it’s a fairly easy read it’s just a long read.


  1. I’ve read some of the classics and have enjoyed most of them. It is a commitment to read a lengthy one, but it is so satisfying to complete it yet disappointing because it’s over. I felt like that reading Murakami’s 3 volume 1Q84, which isn’t a classic now but will be one day. I don’t think I’ve read any Tolstoy.

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