1969 Topps Baseball Checklist, Set Info, Key Cards, Variations, Buying

From the time I was seven until my early 20’s I collected baseball cards. I still have an interest when I see a story  or a book concerning baseball cards. For some reason I never cared much for collecting  football, basketball or hockey cards- it was always baseball- of course I love baseball the best. Saw this article- from ESPN..


  1. Hans, in 1984-1985-1986 my San Diego Padres were peaking just as the baseball card craze was beginning to go into high gear. I didn’t go nuts with the baseball cards BUT I did have a baseball card shop owner put together all of the Topps Padres team sets for me, beginning with their 1969 inaugural year. And I’ve continued adding to the collection every June when I buy the newest team set via the internet. So I have all of the Topps Padres team sets from 1969 through 2019. I know my wife is going to throw them out as soon as I go into a nursing home, so why do I keep adding to the pile? Good question. In hindsight, it’s amazing that “baseball card shops” existed. We probably had 6-8 in Rochester during the bb card peak in the late 80s.

    • That is a pretty good idea- collection every set from a team. I always thought it was interesting growing up- I would sort my cards by teams and the PIrates- my team- and the local team was always the team with the least amount of cards. I wonder if Topps did that on purpose?

    • The mid to late 80’s was crazy- I think everyone was into cards at that time. I knew some guys who had no real interest in baseball who were collecting.

    • I guess it is a big business, you might sell it for X amount of money to a person and then that person resell it to make a profit. Or they just want it and not sell it. Quite a fascinating world.

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