Hans Remembers- Friday May 22, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

Naomi Campbell - Model - Biography

  • English Supermodel/ actress Naomi Campbell was born on this day in London.

Brody Stevens Dead: Comedian Was 48 | Hollywood Reporter

  • Brody Stevens- American stand-up comedian and Comedy Central host was born in Los Angeles- he committed suicide in 2019.

Avivim school bus massacre 19700522 avan 3.jpg

  • Eight children and three adults were killed in Israel when their school bus was attacked by a group of Palestinian guerrillas who fired three bazooka rockets into the vehicle after it departed from the Avivim settlement near Israel’s border with Lebanon. The group claimed that the attack was made in revenge for the Bahr-El- Baqar primary school bombing by Israeli Air Force in Egypt on April 8th which had killed 22 children, Israel responded to the attack on its children by bombarding the Lebanese towns of Bint Jbeil, Yaroun, Aitaroun and Blida- killing 20 civilians.

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