Hans Remembers- Saturday April 25, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

1960s Relax A Cizor Electronic Massage Cure All Machine image 0

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about the ‘exercising machine” Relaxacizor which was marketed as an electrical weight-loss device. Turns out the Relaxacizor which had sold 400,000 units could seriously injure or even kill the user because of its process of exercising specific muscles with electric shocks to stimulate muscle contraction.

Earl Hickey | My Name Is Earl Wiki | Fandom

  • Born on this day- actor Jason Lee in Santa Ana, California. Lee is best known as the star of My Name Is Earl- which ran from 2005-2009. I enjoyed that show. Hard to believe its been off the air for over ten years now.

Anita Louise (1915-1970) - Find A Grave Memorial

  • American film actress Anita Louise died suddenly at her home of a stroke. She was 55 years old. I thought maybe she was related to Tina Louise of Gilligan’s Island fame- but she wasn’t.
  • The mutiny of the Trinidanian Army came to a peaceful end after five days when the government of Trinidad and Tobago negotiated a surrender of the mutineers in return for amnesty. Five days earlier solders in Chaguaramas had seized the Teteron Barracks.  Whenever I hear Trinidad and Tobago the first thing that enters my mind is the 1976 Olympic 100 metre dash Gold medalist- Hasely Crawford.

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    • LOL..
      Since you have the second Monday next week- I will take the second Tuesday next week to start my program!

    • I did see a slightly used treadmill about 10 years ago.
      Except for the bugs – I just prefer walking outside where I’m actually moving over the ground then having a belt move under my feet.

    • I walk but outside- I want to feel like I am going somewhere… an hour walking outside vs an hour walking without going anywhere- the walking outside MOVING- goes a whole lot faster.

  1. I know! And we’re just like everyone else. We have an elliptical trainer right in the house (not a dumb machine, a great machine) and we SHOULD look like Adonises by now. Do we? No, lol !!! But we try to do it at least every other day……..

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