White Plains - My Baby Loves Lovin' (1970, Vinyl) | Discogs

Every Billboard Hot 100 Single: 1970: ” My Baby Loves Lovin’- White Plains. April 18, 1970.

  • Single: ” My Baby Loves Lovin'”- White Plains
  • Record Company- Deram
  • Genre: Pop
  • Written by Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway
  • Time: 2:49
  • B-side:”Show Me Your Hand”
  • Album- My Baby Loves Lovin’
  • Grade: A-
  • Peaked at #13 15 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

White Plains was a studio group out of England. There is some dispute over who sang the song- Tony Burrows is usually given credit- he was also in The Brotherhood Of Man, Edison Lighthouse, First Class and The Pipkins- but some say band member Rick Wolff is the lead singer on this song.  White Plains had 2 Hot 100 singles both in 1970 and this is the only one to reach the Top 40. This is one of those songs that I didn’t think I knew until I heard the opening- of course I know this one- just never knew who did it-until now.


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