Hans Remembers- Monday April 13, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

Houston, we've had a problem': Remembering Apollo 13 that missed ...

  • This happened at 10:08 PM EST – 9 year old Hans had gone to sleep by then- but the next morning I woke up to this news- Mission Control at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston received the news from Apollo 13 that an oxygen tank in the command module had exploded and that electrical power was gradually dropping- and the planned Moon landing it was decided would have to be aborted. “Okay. Houston” Fred Haise said followed by Jim Lovell’s “I believe we’ve had a problem here” -it wasn’t “Houston we have a problem” as the film Apollo 13 and Tom Hanks said. I was staying at my grandparents – and when I got up the next morning my grandfather aka “Whitey” was filling me in on what happened overnight- and I was at first disappointed- no Moon landing but then realized something even bigger was at stake- the lives of the three astronauts. They all would have to figure out a way to get them back home to Earth.  When it was determined that only 15 minutes of electrical power remained in the command module it was determined that the crew should immediately transfer to the lunar module. The next two days would be anxious ones.

Ricky Schroder Arrested on Suspicion of Felony Domestic Violence ...

  • Ricky Schroeder -American child actor- and later a star on NYPD Blue was born in Brooklyn on this day.

Twenty years later, a look back at the Francisco Cordova-Ricardo ...

  • Ricardo Rincon- a Major League Baseball relief pitcher for 11 seasons 1996-2008 was born on this day in Mexico. Rincon started his career with my Pittsburgh Pirates and when I see or hear his name I think of one event- July 12, 1997- Francisco Cordova had pitched 9 no-hit innings vs the Houston Astros- but the Pirates hadn’t scored. In the 10th Rincon came in in relief and kept the no-hitter going- and in the bottom of the 10th- Mark Smith’s home run won the game- a 10 inning combined no-hitter. I was fortunate enough to have witnessed the only two no- hitters in Pirates history that happened in Pittsburgh- the 1976 John Candelaria no-hitter and the Cordova-Rincon one.


Merriman Smith's account of JFK's assassination - The Pulitzer Prizes

  • Merriman Smith- The senior White House correspondent for United Press International committed suicide at his home- he was 57. He had won a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the JFK assassination and had been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1967. Smith who covered presidents from FDR to Milhous Nixon- is the one who started the tradition of saying at the end of presidential press conferences “Thank You Mister President.” Smith had been despondent over the death of a son in Vietnam and had suffered from PTSD as a result of witnessing the JFK assassination.

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  1. Two no hitters! That is some good luck.
    The biggest thing I saw was a triple play in the first inning of the first game I went to between the Dodgers and the Braves…the Dodgers pulled it off.

    • In the entire history of Forbes Field- 1909-1970 there was never a no-hitter- by Pirates or by their opponents. The Candyman- Cordova/Rincon only Pirate no-hitters AT home– I think opponents have only had two- Bob Gibson and Homer Bailey while I listened to the Gibson one- I didn’t get to see either of those in person- but two is pretty lucky. I’ve often wondered those no-hitters were 21 years apart- I wonder how many others were at both?… A triple play is pretty neat- I saw one in the early 80’s–and an inside the park home run- but of course like a lot of inside the park home runs something strange happened to allow that to happen.

    • You beat the odds Hans no doubt. As far as the other I’m sure there is maybe a person or two that could have seen those but that is an awful a lot of time. The only time Homer Bailey and Gibson will be mentioned together.

    • As a Dodger fan what team do you hate the most? I always thought I hated the Yankees more than any team- but back in the 90’s when the Yankees played the Braves I found myself rooting for the Yankees. …. I refused to watch it but a week or so ago MLB network had the Sid Slides game on- I can’t go there it’s been nearly 30 years but the pain is still fresh. .. A few years ago I was flipping through stations and that was on i think ESPN classic- and it was the bottom of the 9th- I quickly changed channels!! The Horror! The Horror.

    • Because of where I live and the influx of Braves “fans”…the ones that were no where to be found in the late 80s…I pulled for the Yankees also in that World Series. I would make 10-20 dollar bets against the Braves in every World Series…I only lost one bet.

      The teams I hate would be Giants…that is just built into us, Braves, Yankees but I love their history. That is the part with them that is hard to get by.

      I pulled for the Red Sox before they won but then I turned against them when their fans go Cocky…it may happen with any team that starts winning.

      I can’t even watch the Sid Bream game. I was so happy the Pirates were beating them and then that happened. I heard it on radio going home…I raced home to see it. There are certain games I can’t watch like the Jackson 3 homerun game.

    • Yes I love the history- I just don’t want to see the Yankees adding to that history…. I know the Dodgers- Giant rivalry is still big but I can’t imagine what it was like when they were just miles apart in NYC. I started reading The Echoing Green the other night- about 1951… my friend Quinn years ago at an autograph session got me signed autographs of Thomson and Branca with the famous picture of Thomson hitting the home run… Yes am the same way with you about the Red Sox. They finally won and Red Sox fan started acting like the game was invented in Boston…

    • No the Dodger Giant rivalry can’t be what it once was… being so far away I can’t believe I feel that way but I guess it’s part of it. The Joe Morgan homerun in the 80s to knock them out really started it for me…I hated to see them win all of those World Series in the past 10 years. I’m still shocked that Texas or the Tigers didn’t beat them.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one. I remember really liking Boston in the 70s and I hated the Buck F&*^ing Dent homerun at the time. I remember watching that and thought…cool a Boston Dodgers World series…but nope.

      That is really cool Hans that you have both of their signatures.

    • That is a name I had come across in readings- especially on the Kennedy assassination- but I hadn’t known this before…

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