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A few days ago I saw the results of a poll on key figures in the coronavirus crisis- it wasn’t a surprise to see that the highest approval rating went to Dr. Anthony Fauci at 90%.

Memo to President Trump- who I am sure will read this since he has rabbit ears–you are over exposing yourself with those daily updates- which seem more about attacking than actually giving information. A couple times a week will do-unless you have something to say that is relevant to either 1- contravirus or 2-the economy.


  1. That was a long article but well worth reading. I really hope he has a protege that works with him that can take over when he’s gone. It feels like we are walking between two pillars right now. One is the pillar of morons without a clue and one is the possibility of a better way. In the meantime…

    • It is tricky times- as far as when to open the economy back up- tomorrow would have been too early- I think Fauci had an influence on getting it pushed back to May.

    • If we could get the test kids distributed so people can tell if they have it, it would be a quantum leap forward in knowing when. Of course dipsh*t is in la-la land. When I read how diligently the followers of dipsh*t are trying to discredit Fauci…

    • I went out for the first time in weeks today, as I found a farm market where you can order and pay online and have the groceries waiting. It sells all of the basics and is way out in the sticks. I was shocked at how many people were crowded into wal-mart and other places as I passed on the highway.

    • I have noticed looking out- the main street thru town runs in front of the house- less cars in general but there have been times when it seems normal. I don’t know where people are going? I haven’t been more than 2 miles from home in a month. I got gas a month ago and am still over 3/4ths of a tank. DJT talks about cheap gas- but there is nowhere to do.

  2. Australia has pretty level figures right now and we are still not easing restrictions for at least another month. Day after day I have been watching New York. Yesterday I saw the drone footage of a mass grave. Getting back to normal is going to take time, if this rushed, there will be many more cities experiencing the same horrors as New York. Dr Fauci seems like an amazing guy. I sincerely hope men like him prevail.

  3. Dr Fauci is clearly a man of integrity and empathy. These are qualities which have been lacking for too long. I would go further than calling him a great scientist. (although I feel sure he is.) I reckon he has the qualities of a decent human being.

    • He is 79 years old which amazes me he seems to have the energy of a much younger man. I don’t know when he finds time to sleep. There was a press conference maybe a month ago where he was asked a question -if I recall correctly was kind of a political one. He kind of shrugged off the question and someone else came up to talk.. a few minutes later when he was asked something else- the first thing he did was apologize to the reporter whose question he didn’t answer- and explained why he didn’t answer it. …. I also sense that he has the patience of Job.

    • He doesn’t need that job- he’s 79- he and his wife have been doctor’s forever. Wonder how many hours a day he puts in?

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