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Presidential Trivia: Part XIV:

1. Which POTUS had the most different Vice Presidents and how many?

2. In a famous photo, what sexy Hollywood star is draped on a piano that Harry Truman is playing? Bess Truman was not amused.

3. Who was the only POTUS given the oath of office by his own father?

4. What very serious Duke University law student and future POTUS got the nickname “Gloomy Gus? I am sure he would take that over some of the other names he was called in his political career.

5. Who was the first POTUS with a middle name?


    • You got three 1- FDR had three-John Nance Garner/ Henry Wallace and Harry Truman… 2- Harry got in deep water with Bess- for having Lauren Bacall on top of the piano.. 5- John Quincy Adams the first POTUS with a middle name! Good job!

    • Bess Truman was a battle-ax, and probably the least-attractive First Lady of the 20th Century. While Eleanor Roosevelt was not a beauty, her intelligence, personality and grace more than made up for it. Bess Truman, on the other hand, had no significant winning qualities that I’m aware of.

    • Harry must have seen something in her no one else saw. He put up with a heck of a lot between Bess and her mother- who even when he was POTUS- thought Bess had married down. She wasn’t much of an asset to him. I agree with you- I can’t think of any great qualities there.

    • 5 is correct #6 John Quincy Adams first POTUS with a middle name. the other answers 1- FDR 2 Lauren Bacall 3-Coolidge 4- Milhous Nixon

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