The best presidents in US history, according to historians ...


Presidential Trivia: Part IX-

1. Who was the first POTUS born west of the Mississippi River?

2. Which POTUS has made the most visits to Camp David- this president made 189 trips there.

3. Which two POTUS actually died in The White House?

4. Which POTUS is the only one to have a woman administer the oath of office?

5.Who is the only POTUS who after his presidency was elected to the U.S. Senate?


  1. Most have been answered correctly now– 1- Herbert Hoover was the first POTUS born west of the Mississippi. 2- Dutch Reagan 189 trips to the weekend retreat Camp David. 3- William Henry Harrison and Zackary Taylor both died in The White House in the 1940’s. 4- LBJ was swore in on Air Force One in Dallas by Federal District Judge Sarah Hughes a long time friend. 5- Andy Johnson briefly served in the US Senate after his presidency ended.

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