Hans Remembers- Friday March 27, 1970- 50 Years Ago.


  • The debut album by The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr “Sentimental Journey” was released. A traditional pop album it was produced by The Beatles producer George Martin and was rushed released to get out weeks ahead of The Beatles Let It Be. The album went to #22 on the US album chart and #7 in the U.K. The most memorable thing about the album is the album cover which is of a pub The Empress which was located in The Dingle- the part of Liverpool where Ringo was from.

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  • Singer Mariah Carey was born 50 years ago today in Huntington, New York. Or was she born a year earlier on this date? There seems to be some confusion. She has 19 #1 hits on the Billboard Singles chart- which is the most by a solo artist. I am not a fan. She may have a great voice but she over sings -in my opinion.

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  • A large air battle in the Middle East- 40 Egyptian MiG fighters vs 40 Israeli Air Force Phantom jets. The Israeli fighters returned home safely and reported shooting down five on the Egyptian MiGs.

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  • PATCO- the American labor union of Professional Air Traffic Controllers- called for a ‘sick-out” since by law they were unable to call a strike without violating federal law. One out of every four members phoned in sick. 250 scheduled flights on Good Friday were cancelled.

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  • Princess Leila Pahlavi the youngest child of The Shah Of Iran and a member of Iranian royalty until the Iranian Revolution in 1979 was born on this date in Tehran. She died of a drug overdose in 2001.

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    • I’ve heard especially at the start of her career a lot of her songs- i listened to the radio more back then—but i couldn’t name a song of her’s by title if me life depended on it.

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