Doughnuts featuring an image of Dr. Anthony Fauci are a new and popular offering from Donuts Delite on Culver Road.

Doctor Fauci Doughnuts!- if you are around Rochester, New York. I don’t believe any politician- it doesn’t matter what political party they belong to. In this whole nightmare we are going through one of the few I believe is Doctor Anthony Fauci. You can just see in the daily briefings of late that there is tension between President Trump and Doctor Fauci. Trump may or not realize it but he needs Fauci- a voice of calm, reason and intelligence. In the end of course President Trump will make the decisions but hopefully Dr. Fauci stays on and has some influence on him.


8 responses to “DR. FAUCI DOUGHNUTS!

  1. A pop up screen blocked me from reading the article. What’s the gist of what they disagreed on? I saw malaria treatment before the pop-up blocked everything.

    • I think the big issue right now is The Donald wanting to open things back up on Easter. I think Fauci thinks that is way too soon… also Fauci a scientist believes in testing out these drugs before releasing them on the public. Also I think Fauci thinks Trump is going a bit too far on touting these drugs- nothing has been proved that it will work yet. Selling maybe false hope…

  2. Hans, I’m blogging from Rochester N.Y. and I agree with your assessments of the Donald and Dr. Fauci. Speaking of those donuts with Dr. Fauci’s image made at Donuts Delite, there’s not much in Rochester anymore with the decline of Kodak and Xerox, but we do have Donuts Delite where they make the best donuts in the entire USA!

    • That is sad to hear- the state of Rochester today. I know we feel the same pain here in the Ohio Valley with the death of the steel mills. Glad to hear that Donuts Delite makes great donuts!

  3. To all of you in New York – Please take care of yourselves. I can see, even from half a world away that Dr Fauci is a hero. He and all the other dedicated medical professionals deserve praise in any way you can show it. Love your Dr Fauci doughnut idea. Maybe you can give him a ticker tape parade one day.. Isn’t that how you do it in New York? I hope I am not being culturally insensitive here. Just wanted to send you New Yorkers my support.

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