A song for the times the world is living in. From John Lennon’s finest solo album- Plastic Ono Band- “Isolation.”


3 responses to “JOHN LENNON: “ISOLATION”

    • I would bet the total cases in the country are at least double the numbers- the ramping up of testing is getting the numbers higher – and also i think a lot of people who have it haven’t been tested because they weren’t hit hard by it and just dealt with it at home.

    • I bet you’re right. There should be some kind of online reporting system for those who have or had it, just so we have an idea. Every person who wants or needs a test needs one. We’ve seen this thing coming for awhile. Full-throttle production of tests, ventilators, quarantine quarters, etc. should have been taking place a month ago. I read on a woman’s blog who is living in Spain last night that they only have so many ventilators and doctors are choosing to give them only to people under the age of 65. You may as well say you’ve got a death sentence there if your body can’t fight it off.

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