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Presidential Trivia: Part VII:

1. Who is the only POTUS who completed at least one full term- who didn’t have any appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court?

2. Who are the three POTUS who have been impeached?

3. What POTUS has been featured on the cover of Time Magazine the most times? The number of times is 43.

4. Who is the only POTUS who earned a PhD?

5.Who is the only POTUS who was elected to two nonconsecutive terms?


  1. #1 William Henry Harrison
    #2 Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump
    #3 Richard Nixon
    #4 Woodrow Wilson
    #5 Grover Cleveland
    Which child of a US President cowrote a song for the Eagles and posed nude for Playboy?

    • Correct on 2-3-4-5– re-read question 1- completed one term. 1- Jimmy Carter completed his four year term as POTUS and never had the opportunity to appoint anyone to the US Supreme Court. 2- Correct- all three were impeached but were not convicted by the US Senate 3- Milhous Nixon the record for most Time covers 4- Woodrow Wilson had a PhD 5- Grover Cleveland two nonconsecutive terms. Excellent job!

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