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I saw that Eric Weissberg died yesterday at age 80. Weissberg was a banjo player most known for “Dueling Banjos” the theme song for the movie Deliverance. My dad whose favorite genre of music was bluegrass- had Eric Weissberg’s Dueling Banjos album [which went to #1 on the album chart in 1973 and a #2 single} and played it often. It is now in my record collection. When I hear this song it makes me think of my father.


    • That was about as scary a movie as I’ve ever seen- and a memorable one. Yes that scene really stands out. And thanks- looking back my dad did like great music- great artists.

  1. That was an unforgettable scene in the movie. I learned later on that a local musician, Mike Addis, was positioned behind the boy, Billy Redden, and with the help of Redden’s trick shirt, it was Addis who was actually playing the banjo. I love me some good banjo pickin’ bluegrass music, too, but I’m not steeped in the genre enough to recognize Weissberg’s name so thanks for the heads up. I got my first intro to bluegrass with Flatt and Scruggs playing the theme song on the Beverley Hillbillies. Then there was the Bonnie and Clyde movie. Then the Flying Burrito Brothers did a nice bluegrass set on their Last of the Red Hot Burritos live album. Then Alison Krauss took bluegrass to the mainstream.

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