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Presidential Trivia: Part V-

1- Who is the only POTUS who is buried in Washington, D.C.?

2- Who are the two POTUS buried in Arlington National Cemetery?

3.- Which POTUS was born with the last name of Blythe?

4. Who is the only POTUS who was never elected President or Vice President- the biggest office he won as U.S. Congressman?

5. Who was the first POTUS to name a woman to his cabinet?

The answers-

1- The only POTUS buried in Washington, D.C.- Woodrow Wilson buried at Washington’s National Cathedral

2- JFK and William Howard Taft are buried in Arlington National Cemetery

3- William Jefferson Blythe… his father was killed in a car accident before he was born- his mother remarried a man named Clinton and he took that name- William Jefferson Clinton.

4- Jerry Ford was appointed VP when Spiro Agnew resigned and moved up to POTUS when Richard Milhous Nixon resigned.

5-FDR -Frances Perkins became the first woman to hold a cabinet position in 1933- 1945 Secretary of Labor.


    • both correct- 4- Jerry Ford -highest office he ever won was from his congressional district in Michigan….5- Franklin Roosevelt -named Frances Perkins Secretary of Labor in 1933 she served his entire presidency.

  1. I figured only military guys would be buried at Arlington.
    I was right about Kennedy, but I looked up Taft…and he WAS the secretary of war, but…does that really count? He was never a solider.

    Also never would have thought a woman would get elected to the cabinet THAT long ago. I totally thought it’d be the ’60s or ’70s. MAYBE the ’50s…late ’50s, ha ha.

    • He qualified as a former Secretary of War and as Commander in Chief of the army and navy while POTUS… found something odd I wasn’t aware of- the day Taft died which was expected- he had resigned from the court a month earlier to his heath- as Associate Judge on the US Supreme Court Edward Sanford -died on the same day in Washington- unexpectedly following a dental extraction.

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