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Presidential Trivia- Part III-

1- Who was the tallest POTUS?

2. Who was the shortest POTUS?

3. Who were the five elected POTUS who lost the popular vote in the country but won the Electoral College vote and became POTUS?

4.What POTUS after his presidency became the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court?

5. Who was the first POTUS to live in The White House?


    • Lincoln is the tallest at 6’4″– and Dubya and Trump are two of the 5ive who lost the popular vote but won the election….. #2- not Teddy- but I will say the shortest POTUS was 5’4″.

  1. Number one…on a hunch from the pictures Abraham Lincoln.
    Number 3…I don’t know all of them but George W Bush, Trump….I know

    • #1 yes Abe Lincoln at 6’4″ the tallest POTUS… and Dubya and Trump are two of the five who lost the popular vote but won the presidency!

    • Many people don’t like the electoral way but I do like it. It keeps California and New York from deciding the President…for what little I know about it.

  2. #2- has to be James Madison as he was 5’4″. On Number 3 besides George W Bush and Trump, we have John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes and Benjamin Harrison. William Howard Taft is #4 and President John Adams and his wife Abigail were the first residents at the White House.

    • Correct #1- Abraham Lincoln at 6 feet 4– 2- Little Jemmy Madison all 5’4″ of him… 3-the 5 who lost the popular vote but still won the presidency- John Quincy Adams/ Rutherford B. Hayes/ Benjamin Harrison and during our life times George Dubya Bush and Donald Trump….. 4- William Howard Taft went to the US Supreme Court and served as it’s Chief Justice- after his presidency and 5- the White House was ready for #2 John Adams and my favorite First Lady Abigail Adams. … Excellent!

  3. I’m not going to get into an argument about the Electoral College, as it has its merits, but also pitfalls. That said, as a lifelong bleeding-heart liberal from California who’s seen two bad GOP presidents lose the popular vote but go on to win the Presidency, I’m bitter. You can be sure that if the tables were turned and two Democrats won the Presidency while also losing the popular vote, Republicans would demand a Constitutional amendment.

    • No doubt just like liberals democrats want it scrapped now. Many favor what favors them the best. All I can say is if Al Gore had won his home state… or even the state of West Virginia which at that time usually went democratic- he would have won the election.

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