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February 1- Andy Gill 64- lead guitarist for Gang of Four- and record producer.

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February 2- Ivan Kral 71- Czech born American composer-filmmaker, record producer-bass guitar player and singer-songwriter.

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February 3- Willie Wood 83 -Hall of Fame defensive back for Green Bay Packers of the 60’s.

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February 3- Gene Reynolds- 96- actor- writer- director and producer- one of the producers of M*A*S*H

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February 4- Gil Coan 97 MLB player from 1946-56 was oldest living NY Giant at his death.

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February 5- Kevin Conway 77 -actor- most famous role- Buster Kilrain in Gettysburg.

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February 5- Kirk Douglas -103 -famed actor- Spartacus!

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February 6- Roger Kahn-92 Author- wrote one of the most famous of all sports books- The Boys Of Summer about the 1950’s Brooklyn Dodgers.

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February 7- Orson Bean 91- film. television stage actor, comedian, writer and producer.

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February 7 Brian Glennie 73- NHL player 1969-79- Toronto and Los Angeles.

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February 8- Robert Conrad- 84- actor- The Wild Wild West.

February 10- Efigenio Ameijeiras- 88 One of Castro’s military commanders back in the 50’s revolution.

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February 10- Lyle Mays-66- jazz keyboardist- Pat Metheny Group.

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February 11- Katsuya Nomura- 84 Japanese baseball star- catcher for 26 years and later a manager.

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February 15- Tony Fernandez- 58- 5 time All-Star shortstop remembered most for his days with the Toronto Blue Jays.

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February 16- Kellye Nakahara 72- Actress M*A*S*H

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February 17- Mickey Wright-85 -Legendary golfer- second most wins ever on LPGA tour.

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February 17- Owen Bieber 90 a longtime president of the United Auto Workers Union.

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February 17-Ja’Net Dubois ? Actress Good Times.  Sources differ on her age somewhere between 1932-to 1945.

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February 17-Andrew Weatherall 56 British record producer.

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February 17- Charles Portis-86 Wrote True Grit.

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February 19- Pop Smoke -20 Rapper

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February 20- Jeanne Evert 62 From the tennis playing Evert family.

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February 21- A.P. Indy-31 1992 Belmont Stakes Winner.

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February 21- Phil Maloney-92 longtime NHL player and coach.

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February 22- Mike  Hughes 64- Daredevil.

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February 24- Diana Serra Cary-101  last living star from the Silent Movie Era.

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February 24- John Franzese-103 Mobster

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February 24- Katherine Johnson- 101 – One of the Hidden Figures at NASA in the 60’s.

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February 24- Ben Cooper 86- western actor.

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February 24- Clive Cussler- 88 Writer of adventure novels.

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February 26- Hosni Mubarak- 91 Egyptian president 1981-2011.

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February 28- Johnny Antonelli 89 Successful MLB pitcher 1948-61.

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    • OMG. I don’t care what the guy did, keeping him in prison until he was 100 highlights some of what’s wrong with our criminal justice system 😦 Of course some monsters should never be let out but they are the rare exception.

    • Over the years he had been thrown back in jail 6 times for parole violations. the last parole violation came when he was in his 90’s.. interesting. his own son testified against him- a first son of a new york mobster to testify against his father.

  1. I didn’t even know Portis was still alive! But I also don’t remember Kirk Douglas leaving us. There must just be too much going on…and these things get pushed to the back shelf….

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