Hans Remembers- Sunday March 1, 1970- 50 years ago.

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  • The Beatles final Ed Sullivan Show appearance- sort of. While back in 1964-65 they appeared on the show performing four times- since then they had sent only promotional videos. On this date The Beatles promotional video for the single “Let It Be” was played on the show. The Ed Sullivan Show would go off the air on June 6, 1971 after 24 seasons. Ed would be dead at 73 in October 1974.

  • Speaking of musicians- sort of- Charles Manson’s album “LIE” was released – featuring such songs as “Garbage Dump.” If only the record company hadn’t rejected him- maybe history would have been changed? Kind of like if some major league team had signed the Cuban lefty- Fidel Castro.

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  • #4 Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins became the first defenseman to score 25 goals in an NHL season. Orr whose career was cut short by knee injuries changed the way the game was played- and would be on my Mount Rushmore of Greatest Hockey Players Ever- Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Mario Lemieux and Gordie Howe.

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  • In the Guatemalan presidential election- no clear winner as none of the three candidates had received a majority of the vote.  The “law and order” candidate- Colonel Carlos Arana Osorio won 43% of the vote, Mario Fuentes Pieruccini 35% and Jorge Lucas Cabelleros came in with 22%.  The National Liberation Movement Party- won 31 of the 55 seats in Congreso de la Republica and would select Arana as president on March 21st.

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    • Yes. One of the theory’s on the murders was- Terry Melcher -son of Doris Day and a hot record producer in the late 60’s- lived at the Polanski house before Roman and Sharon moved in– Melcher had decided against signing Charlie.. Charlie may have believed Melcher was still living there….

    • I remember reading about Melcher from last year, maybe an article you posted, or maybe one I read about the Beach Boy that got caught up in that mess. Unreal that anyone would publish the songs 😦

    • Dennis Wilson was the one who was buddies with Charlie… a lot of people from that scene knew Charlie.

  1. Interesting tidbit about The Beatles – I had no idea the Ed Sullivan Show also featured videos.

    Did they introduce that in the later stage of the show’s life since they no longer could get acts like The Beatles to appear there live?

    • I believe the first time The Beatles appeared on video on Sullivan was in 1966 with Paperback Writer/ Rain.

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