Hans Remembers- Wednesday January 28, 1970- 50 years ago.

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  • The white-minority government of South Africa denied African-American tennis star Arthur Ashe a visa to play in the South African Open tennis championship. Ashe who had recently won the Australian Open was banned according to South African Sports Minister Frank Waring because of “his general antagonism towards South Africa.

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  • The Prime Minster of Czechoslovakia Oldrich Cernik resigned and succeeded by Lubomir Strougal.

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  • Rear Admiral Thomas Ryan a Medal of Honor recipient died at the age of 68. Ryan had received the Medal of Honor for his actions in the 1923 Yokohoma, Japan – Great Kanto earthquake.

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  • Miguel Fuentes a 23 year old pitcher who made his major league debut in late 1969 with the Seattle Pilots and got into 8 games was murdered in Loiza Aldea, Puerto Rico. Fuentes had gone outside the bar to relieve himself because of a plumbing problem in the bar when someone thought he was doing it too close to his car. He was shot three times and died shortly after arriving at the hospital. Miguel Fuentes was the last pitcher to throw a pitch in a Seattle Pilot uniform- in the spring of 1970 the team would relocate to Milwaukee and become the Brewers.
  • In Iran a bus was buried in a snow avalanche on a highway between Arnoz to Mahruzeh in the Elburz Mountains. All 36 passengers were frozen to death in subzero temperatures. To add to the tragedy 23 other people were killed in the avalanche when their vehicles were buried or swept off the highway.