Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- Part 160- The four singles today arrived on the charts on October 11, 1969- “Groovy Grubworm”- Harlow Wilcox and The Oakies, “The Sweeter He Is Part 1.”- The Soul Children, “Silver Threads And Golden Needles”- The Cowsills, and “Don’t Waste My Time”- John Mayall.

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521. “Groovy Grubworm”- Harlow Wilcox and The Oakies. Plantation. Country-Rock. Written by Bobby  Warren and Harlow Wilcox. B-side:”Moose Trot.” Peaked at #30 and spent 12 weeks on the chart. An instrumental- Wilcox was a session guitarist from Norman, Oklahoma.  This was hit only Hot 100 hit single. He would later play Jimmy on television’s H.R. Pufnstuf. Grade: C


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522. “The Sweeter He Is Part 1.”- The Soul Children. Stax. Soul. Written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter. B-side:”Part II.” Peaked at #52 and spent 7 weeks in the Hot 100. This group was put together by Memphis songwriters Isaac Hayes and David Porter. They would have three Hot 100 singles in their career- their only Top 40 one being a #36 hit in 1974 called “I’ll Be The Other Woman.” Grade: B


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523. “Silver Threads And Golden Needles”- The Cowsills. MGM. Pop. Written by Dick Reynolds and Jack Rhodes. B-side:”Love American Style.” Peaked at #74 and spent 7 weeks in the Hot 100. The final Hot 100 hit from the group that inspired the creation of The Partridge Family. The Cowsills had a #2 hit earlier in 1969- their most remembered song “Hair.” “Silver Threads And Golden Needles” a much covered song- the versions I am most familiar with by Linda Ronstadt and Sandy Denny. Grade: D


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524. “Don’t Waste My Time”- John Mayall. Polydor. Blues. Written by John Mayall and Steve Thompson. B-side:” Don’t Pick A Flower.” Peaked at #81 and spent 3 weeks in the Hot 100. This is the only Hot 100 single entry by English blues guitarist John Mayall- who is still active today at age 85 {he has a new album released in 2019} Grade: B+


  1. That has to be the worst version of “Silver Threads And Golden Needles” I have ever heard…no soul whatsoever.

    Seems like John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers was the training ground to the cream of British musicians…like a course in school you had to go through.

    • I found things that I missed before watching at home. It really changes the movie. The same thing hit me when I saw the Shining a few years back…

      The quality looked like it was just filmed recently…it was great.

    • The only one I have seen on the big screen is Godfather 3- back when it came out. Classic stuff. What is your all time favorite ‘big screen’ movie?

    • Because of the effects and the time I saw it… The Empire Strikes Back. It was incredible in the 80s.

      Platoon probably affected me more than any other on the big screen. It didn’t have the same affect on television.

      What is yours?

    • Platoon is a great pick- I saw it 6 or 7 times at the theater back in the 80’s- i agree not that same on TV… The Lord Of The Rings movies would be up there -especially the time we went and saw the extended versions all in one day at the theater.. the Star War movies were great on the big screen too..

    • All of the Lord of the Rings were great…the Hobbit I saw on IMAX and it was really good.
      Another one was the beach scene in Saving Private Ryan. That was about as intense as you can get.

  2. The Soul Children songs sounds pretty good. The John Mayall song is great. I just read that Eric Clapton did one album only with them. Those two guys just keep keepin on!

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