• TOM WAITS: SWORDFISHTROMBONES: 1983: ROCK: A+. VINYL: My favorite Tom Waits period is the three album run that covers- Swordfishtrombones- Rain Dogs and Franks Wild Years. I had read a great review of this album and while I was familiar with Waits name I hadn’t listened to his music. An unusual album for sure -it didn’t get me on first listen but I stuck with it. The song In The Neighborhood as I recall got some airplay on MTV– remember that station? They showed music videos.  Only listened to one album today but I did listen to the replay of American Top 40 from August 1976 and this weeks 3 hour edition of Celtic Crush.


    • Celtic Crush is a show on The Loft- no longer on regular Sirius XM but on the internet version of Sirius XM- a 3 hour show each week hosted by Larry Kirwan- where he plays Celtic music and comments on the songs and tells stories. Larry makes the show a great storyteller.

    • The interesting thing about that list- and of course its not like I have the medical histories in front of me- but the only one on that list that I know is not doing all that well is Joni Mitchell. Most of the others are still touring. I think the author saying most of them will be gone in a decade is going to be wrong. I count 28 on that list I would bet at least 20 are here in ten years…I think 15 years is the magic number. there still comes to mind a few 50’s rockers still living- Little Richard is 86, Jerry Lee Lewis 83 and probably too mean to die and Don Everly 82… with the 60’s stars is seems like if they made it out of the first half of their lives- the years of a lot of abuse- they have been ok but of course a lot didn’t make it to 30! I also think a key to these guys still being around today is they have kept busy- heck Mick had heart surgery and a few months later is back on tour. Keeping active key! I think a lot of these guys see 90.

    • I was curious how the guy came to his conclusions…other than run of the mill medical statistics. He did highlight something that breaks my heart…rock is no longer mainstream. It’s all been shoved to the side in favor of shallow pop stars (all of ’em…rap & country included). WHERE are the f****** musicians who craft royal art? In dive bars, trying to survive. The music industry wants idols like Taylor Swift (whom is a decent business woman but, a talentless twit…she gets by on her looks, mostly) not REAL talent. Crying shame…

    • Rock is dead they say… I have no doubt if we would check out the Top 40 of today we would find zero there that we’d consider rock– the rock that gets attention these days seems to be the acts of yesteryear. There are new rock bands out there that are good but they don’t get the attention they used to-… I think as far as the article goes- he has a point- it won’t be long and they will all be gone from the 60’s but I think he says ten years for sake of having an article. .. I have to disagree with you on Taylor Swift- I think she’s quite good…

    • Ugh. She is a force to be reckoned with. No doubt. She works the system. But, there are SO many other musicians with far more talent. I think of songs like “Mean” & “Just Another Picture To Burn” and I’m left scratching my head. THIS is a superstar? She is a sugary tart, much like Madonna (but, less sexual). There is just no depth, even in her songwriting. Her voice is average at best (Madonna was a better singer).

      Why is she a star & not Emily Hackett? I don’t get it.

      Yeah. We’ll have to disagree.

    • Will write that one down- the pickings are slim at this point. I made the mistake of listening to all the great ones right off the bat.

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