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Any book hoarders out there? I am definitely one- I can’t get rid of a book. A lot of people seem to be into decluttering- here is an article about some fellow book hoarders who refuse to join the decluttering movement.



  1. I didn’t read every word of the article but enough to get the gist. If I still had every book I bought there would be no room for anything else. I was dug in with never getting rid of a book until I moved in 2011. Like everything else in the house I’d lived in for 25 years, I went through them with a critical eye and boxed up the ones I had never read but meant to or ones I had and wasn’t attached to. I was left with between 50 and 60%. These books are everywhere in the house, like the individuals in the article. There is nowhere that they aren’t. Books are like family. Glad you’re a book “hoarder” also but I don’t like the connotation of that word, which has come to mean something akin to a mental disorder.

    • I can remember last year coming home from work- in a tremendous storm- and seeing water gushing into the basement… the next day when I started the clean -up at first it was “Oh no I lost this book..and that book…” after a while it was just going through the boxes and throwing the ruined books out…. it could have been a lot worse and I learned my lesson and they are now protected. You live you learn. Alanis Morresette tried to tell me that 25 years ago.

    • I have since woken up and now have them in waterproof totes. I also took pictures of the books that I felt I had to replace that I lost. I have found replacements for most on my list. I need to sort threw them all and get them better organized but what a job that will be…

  2. The question “What’s the point in keeping them if you’ve already read them?” makes me scratch my head. I’ve been asked that more than once…I ask them if they get rid of a CD if they listen to it once.
    I go through books twice and more and always find something new…good example was that Harpo book.

    • I agree with you! I have a friend who will love a television series but says he will never watch any series more than once… he is also a music fan- I ask him- do you listen to an album more than once? I think in all those cases yes you can pick up something you missed in repeated readings/ viewings/ and listening to albums repeatedly.

    • Even when I get an audio book…I try to get the book also if I like it just so I won’t miss anything.
      My wife don’t get watching a movie more than once…same thing with a book…if I like it…it gets another viewing.

    • Yes movies too- forgot that – Have you ever seen a movie once-and liked it or didn’t like it and the second time have a totally different opinion.

    • Yes I did. I have watched some and noticed faults afterward and some… like Napoleon Dynamite I loved on the second viewing. Some I watched I could be destracted or not in the mood and the second time it clicked.

    • yes the mood you are in can have a big impact… one that comes to mind- back in the late 80’s a movie called The Accidental Tourist with William Hurt..didn’t like it the first time a few years later I watched it and liked it a lot…

    • I remember that movie but didn’t see it but yes years between and form a different opinion.
      The exception to me are books…once I read one and I don’t like it…I don’t know if I have ever given it another try. I guess it takes more time to invest in a book and I’m more hesitant to do it.

    • I would agree with a book- too much time invested if you didn’t like the book the first time- to do it again. … off topic- thought of you when I saw this on a baseball social media page someone asked who were the most overrated current players and someone said Kershaw… really? He is having a healthy and outstanding season- and his career ERA is 2.41 last I checked… the bum!

    • Yea he just isn’t as dominant as he was but not many could keep up a sub 2.00 ERA through their career…I don’t know what people expect. He passed Koufax the other night in wins. His answer was well if Koufax was pitching today his career would have been prolonged and he would have won more…that is why I like the guy.

    • I think his 2019 has actually been under the radar. He’s a 6 inning pitcher now–but that is about everyone anymore. Will we ever see the old Kershaw again probably not but he’s averaging more than a strike out an inning- is 3rd in wins, 5th in ERA. Not too shabby.

    • Not bad at all. He is allowing the long ball more…and so is every pitcher…. but he is keeping them solo shots. He reminds me of the later Maddux. He will allow runs in the first 2 innings and then turn around shut the other team down the rest of the way.

      Verlander doesn’t seem to be slowing down. He kinda reminds me of Ryan…he can still hit 100. Them guys don’t come along every day that can last this long.

    • and to think Verlander almost didn’t approve that trade to Houston- what was he thinking? It wasn’t that long ago when he was looking like an average at best pitcher with Detroit.

    • I know…the Dodgers were rumored to get him and I was thinking…I don’t know…he seems to be winding down. Little did I know he would be looking like a Cy Young winner again.
      Those Tiger teams of the early 2010s were very good except…bullpen. They would not get anyone for the bullpen.
      Sabermetric guys hate spending for the bullpen…I get it because they can be great one year and terrible the next…but…you still gotta have them.
      I still think if the Dodgers lose…that will be the reason.

    • Yes you have to have a bullpen- the days of a starter going 8 and a closer coming in to finish it are over- you need a deep pen. .. the last couple years have sealed the deal as far as Verlander and the Hall of Fame.

    • Yea he is in no doubt. With the Cy Youngs and that MVP award. Since the Astros signed him I kept thinking…ok this year he will slow down…he is just not doing it.
      I do like their pitching staff right now…Greinke though can be beaten.

    • If they had only kept Charlie Morton…..can you imagine that staff? They would have the top 4 pitchers in ERA in the AL at the moment.

    • That would be a tough staff to face. I’m glad they got rid of him just in case lol… I don’t think they will sign Gerrit Cole in the offseason because of the expense they have now.

    • Yes it will be heard to keep everyone-a lot of young stars- If I were Cole I would remember Pittsburgh.. if he was there this year he’d probably be 5-15. They could have kept Morton fairly cheap- a short term contract. Mistake. The man won them a World Series.

    • Keuchel I agree- he wanted too much- but Morton although he may be 35 is in his prime. He got 3 years 45 million from TB. That in today’s baseball world seems reasonable. They could have paid that…

    • After what they are paying for Greinke…yea they could have kept him.
      Speaking of Keuchel. It seems when pitchers hold out for part of a season…they are never the same when they join a team. Him and Kimbrel come to mind…neither have been much at all.

    • I don’t know what world Keuchel was living in- certainly a world of delusion thinking that he deserved some huge contract deal- like Arietta- they had their big years at the wrong time- you aren’t going to cash in when your heading in the wrong direction…

    • They are so accustomed to being paid for what they did 2 years ago…that is not happening anymore.
      The GM’s are much smarter than before. Even from a few years ago…that contract Ryan Howard got two years before his current one was up.
      Last night I watched a little of the 81 WS…hey the Dodgers always win lol… and I noticed how old that team was compared to teams now. Most of the team were in their 30s…but the great relief pitching was young.

    • The players today who seem to be the shining stars are the younger players. … There are some of those contracts they were giving out that really even when they happened had to have you shaking your head…. the Howard contract.. the deal the Red Sox gave Sandoval. What were they thinking- here was an out of shape player who was starting to age- let’s give him a hundred million dollars. Of course a team like the Red Sox can afford to do that. I can’t think of his name now but a few years ago they signed a Cuban star to a huge deal and I don’t think he’s ever played a game for the Red Sox. Didn’t hurt them. That would have crippled the Pirates for example.

    • Oh yes I read about that Cuban player the other day…all the other teams were after him. The Red Sox also gave that bad contract to Crawford. He was a good player but not a 142 million player. Even us fans knew at the time…what….the hell are they doing?

      The difference now between rich and poorer teams are the players they can retain…like the Dodgers with Kershaw…no way the Pirates can do that…and like you said they can’t take a gamble. The Dodgers took a chance on Walker Buehler in the draft…he needed Tommy John….some teams can’t do that. It paid off but it would not have hurt them if it backfired.

    • The Red Sox- at times seem to have the ‘we have money and have to spend it”–the Dodgers took some bad contracts from them back in the early part of the decade… teams are also holding on to their top prospects more these days.. I still think the Dodgers should have pulled the trigger on that Vasquez deal though…they may regret that. The Astros for one seem to be a team willing to make the necessary deals and are willing to trade from their farm system.

    • I know believe me. Friedman hates giving up prospects…I get that to a certain extent but you have to give up something to get something of value.
      Baseball people have said if it were a starting pitcher he would have done it but relief pitching they don’t like paying for.

      If they lose because of it…they will hear plenty. Dodger fans were crazy mad that day when they got nothing. The LA papers were all over them also. I would like to know who the Pirates wanted. Did they want 1 or 2 or 3 of the top prospects? I don’t guess we will ever know. I know they have a top catching prospect that will be blocked.

    • The talk here is the Pirates wanted Lux- Lux for Vasquez is reasonable on both sides. If they wanted more than that- I can see telling them no. Who knows with the Pirates.

  3. Good one, Hans! I also kept every book I read. It wasn’t that I was ever going to read them again, but they were kind of like “trophies.” I definitely got that gene from my Mom. I was buying a lot of books via Amazon 3rd party sellers and it occurred to me that I could do that as well, get rid of my books AND make some money. I sold over 200 books and pocketed about $2000. It took some doing at the start, but was a breeze overall. Amazon has since upped its share, and the big sellers seriously undercut the small guy, so it’s more difficult now compared to when I sold the bulk of my books three and four years ago.

    • I have a friend who does the same thing- and he has been telling me the same thing- it’s gotten a bit tougher in the past couple of years due to the big sellers. I have thought about it- but haven’t. I know I could part with some of them but……

  4. This was a good topic. It seems to me that book lovers tend to have lovely bookshelf displays in their home. It’s who they are. I wouldn’t want a book lover to feel shamed for what they are, by the writer of a book of all things, and a flavor-of-the-month how-to book at that. If a person has storage boxes full of books taking up space because they don’t know what to do with them, that might be where to lighten the load.

    I have one shelf of books I’ve read that I want to hold onto for one reason or another. Normally, once I’ve read a book, it either goes back to the library or gets passed on to a friend or donated. There has to be something special about the book for me to add it to ‘the shelf’. Your post made me go look at the shelf just now, and I identified four books that can go. Now, let’s don’t talk about my sewing stash.

    • Novels seem to be more disposable. If I had a dime for every James Patterson- Danielle Steele book that has been turned in by folks for our book sale I’d be a rich man. People read those and dispose of them–and book sales I’ve gone too are littered with those types. Hollywood History books- that sounds like a neat specialty.

  5. I’m a terrible traitor to books. My husband got me a kindle five years ago, and I haven’t been back to the library since (except to write) or bought a hard copy of a book!
    But I do have a small collection that I’ll never give away: Cormac McCarthy, Tama Janowitz, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Terror, The Hours, etc. And when I come across the classics in my wanderings, I can just add as I go along. Hubby and I did recently clean out Colossus (our bookcase) and donated like four boxes of books to the library. They were books we didn’t like and/or didn’t make that big of an impression………..

    • I admire someone who can do that. I have never read from a kindle- and never plan to. I like the feel of a book in my hands etc. Being able to do as you have- does get rid of a lot of clutter. The good thing is you are still reading!

  6. I completely agree with you, believe it or not, and I’m not even quite sure what happened! I LOVE the feel of a book, the smell sometimes, everything. But I switched over to the kindle so fast there was barely a smoke outline of where I used to be holding my library hard copy, lol !!
    The biggest issue the kindle solved was reading at night–no lamp necessary, especially in bed if hubby’s already sleeping. I’ve gone through SO MANY book lights, and nothing beats the self-illumination of the kindle. But nothing beats the real thing either, ’cause if the world ends, then all I’ll have left is my collection in Colossus!

    • I know a lot of people who do enjoy reading from a tablet. Nothing wrong with that. I can see where it would come in handy especially while on a vacation. I am the worst trip packer I overpack every time and included in my luggage are books. It would be easy just to whip out a Kindle and have a number of books at your demand instead of lugging them around.

  7. It’s a humorous mental paradox (at least for me) but all that matters in the end, of course, are getting the stories…any way one can, lol 🙂

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