I saw this article recently concerning rock opera’s- The Who’s  “Tommy” just celebrated the 50th anniversary of its release- while it is debatable whether it is the best rock opera- it certainly seems to me that it is the most famous one.

Article below


8 responses to “ESSENTIAL ROCK OPERA’S

  1. That was an interesting list. No argument that Tommy is probably the first ‘rock opera’ people think of. I wouldn’t have thought of The Wall as a ‘rock opera’, but if that’s what it is, I say it’s one of the best. There are at least a couple of others on the list that I’ve never heard and want to check out now. One I would have added to the list is Jeff Wayne’s ‘The War of the Worlds’. I think it is more popular in the UK and Europe than the US. But the live show still tours over there, and is quite a show.

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