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History in Music- “Nebraska”-Bruce Springsteen. Bruce Springsteen’s release of the album ‘Nebraska” in 1982 startled many of his followers. It was far from the rock and roll they expected from The Boss-instead what they got was a stark, dark and moody album that he recorded without the E-Street Band and without anyone else. It was originally just a tape of demos meant to be an album with the E-Street Band but he decided to release it was it was- a wise decision. One of this best albums -he has recorded a couple similar albums since but while they are good albums- lack that extra something that Nebraska seems to have.

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The first track on the Nebraska album is the title track. It is a first person narrative of mass murderer Charles Starkweather who went on a rampage killing 11 people over an 8 day period in Nebraska and Wyoming in December 1957-January 1958. Starkweather and his girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate were at large for 60 days. Starkweather was convicted of first degree murder and executed in 1959. Fugate was the youngest female to ever be tried for first degree murder. She ended up being convicted as an accomplice and served 17 years before being released in 1976. She is still living . Springsteen does a great job on this song- singing it in a flat unemotional way. A great selection making it the first cut on this album.

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  1. I read where he tried to duplicate this in a studio with and without the band… the sound just wasn’t there. Great album… lonely desolate sound.

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