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  • GEORGE HARRISON: BRAINWASHED:2002: 4 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Released nearly a year after his passing in 2001- George’s last album was what he was working on when he died- it wasn’t totally finished- Jeff Lynne and his son Dhani. It had been over a dozen years since George’s last album “Cloud 9” – Brainwashed is in the same ballpark as far as quality- favorite songs- Any Road, Rising Sun, Brainwashed, Marwa Blues. One of Harrison’s best solo albums.

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  • COLVIN AND EARLE: COLVIN AND EARLE: 2016: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: I tend to forget this album when I listen to my Steve Earle albums. Steve over the years has usually had at least one duet on his albums- either with a Lucinda Williams, Iris Dement, Allison Moorer. This album with Shawn Colvin contains six originals and four covers. They also went on a tour together- I missed seeing that one. They sing well together.

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  • VAN MORRISON: KEEP ME SINGING: 2016: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Van’s 36th album- an album of originals-coming after this duets album where he re-worked old material. Yet another strong album from Van at age 70. I don’t see him stopping until the end- he would go on to release two albums in 2017 and 2018. Should be due for one soon it’s already May 2019! Van never short changes you- another hour plus album of material.

Joy of Cooking-Joy of Cooking

  • JOY OF COOKING: JOY OF COOKING: 1970: 3 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: I was reading up a little on the Dean of Rock Critics- Robert Christgau- and saw he had a list of his favorite albums each year from 1970 onward and this album was his favorite album of 1970. I had never heard it before so–now I have. It’s ok- sounds like hippie music to me- I wonder if nearly 50 years later Christgau would still award this the best album of 1970?


  • JOHNNY CASH: UNEARTHED: BEST OF CASH ON AMERICAN: 2003: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The 5th disc of Johnny Cash’s box set of unreleased American Recordings- a best of-  for the most part it is the best of the recordings. Hurt the cover of the Nine Inch Nails song I believe is one of the greatest songs Johnny ever recorded and the video to that song is the best video I’ve ever seen.

  • JOHN LENNON &YOKO ONO: UNFINISHED MUSIC NO.1 :TWO VIRGINS: 1968: 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: This album was the result of an all night session early on in the John and Yoko relationship of them in John’s home studio making noise. It is more famous for the album cover than for the music on it. I actually spent an hour and a half listening to this album and the one below. It is the first and last time I will listen to these albums- I still have Unfinished Music No.2 to suffer through.



  • JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO: THE WEDDING ALBUM: 1969: 1/2 STAR OUT OF 5 STARS: John had clearly lost his marbles releasing the two Unfinished Music albums and The Wedding Album in 1968. I know he was thinking he was very avant- garde making these recordings. Side 1 was John saying-yelling “Yoko” and Yoko saying-yelling “John” not 2 minutes of this non sense but  22:24 of it. Side 2 is more interesting- not THAT much more interesting but was taped in the Hotel Hilton in Amsterdam of John and Yoko explaining their peace campaign and conversations that went on. I have listened now to over 100 albums from 1969- this wouldn’t be in my Top 100. Just my opinion and I wasn’t there so I could be wrong of course but I think one of the greatest salesman jobs of the 20th Century was John’s selling of the John and Yoko relationship as being this fairytale one in a million relationship. I’ll just leave it at that. Or maybe the greatest sales job has been  Yoko’s nearly 40 years of being a Professional Widow.

Listening note- so far this month I have listened to 16 albums that I have never heard before-

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  1. Lennon and Harrison have always been among my absolute favorites, for as far back as I can remember. That Harrison album is , of course, quite exceptional but unfortunately I agree with you about those Lennon albums. He should have restricted his recording to other than avant~garde.

    • John and Yoko should have kept those albums private– I know they didn’t sell many copies I wonder how much those original albums are worth? I can’t imagine anyone listening to those more than a couple times…

    • Probably helps to be a collectors idea when not many were sold! I can imagine the sales were in 4 digits at most.

    • I am listening at this moment to Unfinished Music #2 possibly the worst album ever made. Cambridge 1969 the worst song ever. If you want a headache ten seconds into this and you would have one… I remember when they were trying to drive Manny Noriega out of his compound they played Led Zeppelin loud- Yoko’s 26 minutes of screeching along with John’s distorted electric guitar would have had Noriega coming out in a minute.

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