Hans Worst Hits of the 80’s- “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”- Wham!  Last fall on a weekend trip this song came on the radio a couple times and that had me singing it the entire weekend and to top it off I’ve always disliked the song. Jitterbug.. Now some of George Michael’s later solo stuff wasn’t bad but I was not a fan of Wham! This song went to #1 in the US and UK and a number of European countries. It was the first of three #1’s that Wham! would have in the US.  The worst part of the song- ‘jitterbug… jitterbug,, jitterbug, jitterbug” they lost me with the first ‘jitterbug.” Actually the song isn’t half bad but for those damn  jitterbugs.


  1. It’s solidly on my worst list, and not just because of the jitterbugs. I can ignore those, actually. But I can’t think of a single positive thing to say about the song or the video.

  2. I never got them. I felt bad for the other guy…because it was basically George and “the other guy.” These guys and others made me cling to the 60s through the 80s.

    • Don’t feel sorry for Andrew Ridgeley. He had a great time and gets thousands and thousands in royalties still.
      Looking at the chart for when this was released I see songs by The Kane Gang, Bourgie Bourgie, a Human League song that I quite like, New Order (one of the few gigs I walked out of) and surprisingly Marillion’s Assassing (another band I walked out on, but now wish I hadn’t), Echo & The Bunnymen etc. – so there was some good stuff around in among the dross. Just like in 2019 and the 60s. Chris

    • In the 80s I was listening to…other than the 60s and 70s English bands… Petty, Prince, Springsteen, and some others. It varied.
      I am guilty of thinking of the bad of the decade more than the good. There was some good.

    • I think what was bad in the 80’s for the most part- was pop radio- of course it looks good compared to this century.

    • I agree the 80s were better than now. I have to give you that. At least what is mainstream then and now.

    • I like the Faith album also- which at the time it was released shocked me. I was prepared not to like it because of Wham!

    • I think I heard Faith on the radio and bought it, not knowing what to expect. I played and danced to that CD innumerable times while cleaning my house.

    • i was shocked when i heard the video of the song Faith- and the CD was good too. maybe he matured as an artist at that time..

  3. This song made me want to off myself. Glad to hear I’m not alone. For me it wasn’t the music that made me hate the ’80s. I was in college and just had no idea what the hell I was going to do for a job when I got out!!

    • I was thinking the other day- when was the first time I felt I guess the word would be dread- or stress… and it was the summer before 7th grade. up to that point it was all fun for the most part nothing to worry about then going into junior high- and realizing that half of the 12 years were over–and i was on the second half now- and what the hell was i going to do with my life in 6 years? [and also going into junior high was kind of a stressful idea} I can see where that could make you hate the decade. For some reason that stuff didn’t seem at least on the surface to bother some folks.

  4. Oh my god, yeah, going from elementary to junior high, then from junior high to high school–I’m surprised I didn’t develop ulcers!!! And then wandering around in a daze in college and declaring English as a major– which is sort of considered a joke, like being an art or drama or history major. But that’s because, of course, business and $$ and corporations are the only thing that matter in this country.
    Glad to hear you were thinking the same thing! We probably would have been great friends, lol !!

  5. It was a cute song for a while. When they showed up in the US on MTV, they were Wham! UK, which never made any sense to me. Was there a Wham! somewhere else that was being confused with this group?

    He got better as a solo artist.

    • I think there was another group called Wham- and they changed to avoid legal issues. Yes I agree Michael as a solo artist better I don’t know why that is maybe he just matured as an artist.

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