A photograph of the Who walking away from a stone monolith and zipping up their pants, with visible streaks of urine on the structure


  • THE WHO: WHO’S NEXT: 1971: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The Who’s greatest album no question and one of my favorite albums by anyone ever. Great songs- not a song on here isn’t great and Roger Daltrey has never sounded better. Why not rank the songs in order of my favorites- 1- Baba O’Riley 2-My Wife 3-Won’t Get Fooled Again 4- Behind Blue Eyes 5-Bargain 6-Going Mobile 7-The Song Is Over 8-Getting In Tune 9- Love Ain’t For Keeping. On the list of 1001 albums to hear.

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  • JONI MITCHELL: MINGUS: 1979: 3  STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Joni’s 10th and final album at Asylum. It is a jazz record with jazz immortal Charles Mingus- his last music project just months before his death from ALS.


  • MARTY ROBBINS: GUNFIGHTER BALLADS AND TRAIL SONGS: 1959: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: This acclaimed album which won Robbins a Grammy for Best Country& Western Recording was recorded in one day in an eight hour recording session.  The album includes Robbins signature song “El Paso which was written by Robbins. Included on the 1001 albums to hear list.

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  • PETE TOWNSHEND: WHO CAME FIRST: 1972: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: First solo album by The Who’s guitarist and songwriter. Made up of songs that Townshend didn’t think were suited for The Who- a few of the songs came from the Lifehouse project- that eventually became Who’s Next. The most famous song on here is Pure and Easy which was also done with The Who. A good, low key rather laid back album.

A colorful cartoon-style drawing of the Beatles and other characters from the Yellow Submarine film

  • THE BEATLES: YELLOW SUBMARINE: 1969: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: This is the version released in 1998 with 15 Beatles songs- four were new. The best of the new ones- John’s Hey Bulldog!

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  • AZTEC CAMERA: HIGH LAND, HARD RAIN: 1983: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Roddy Frame was only 19 when this album came out. What great songwriting. I don’t know how I heard of them- maybe a record review but I did buy the album and it was one of my most listened to albums from that year and one I always go back to. The album did get great reviews and Oblivious got some radio play. There are ten songs on the album and all are winners. Aztec Camera would release a total of six albums and Frame has released four solo albums the last being in 2014. He has released good music since High Land, Hard Rain but hasn’t come close to it- in greatness. At the time of High Land, Hard Rain- I thought this kid is 19- he is going to have some future. Anyway.. Favorite song on this great album- Walk Out To Winter… Note- Aztec Camera did an acoustic version of Van Halen’s “Jump”- a single not on this album that is fantastic.


  • DEREK AND THE DOMINOES: LAYLA AND OTHER ASSORTED LOVE SONGS: 1970: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: A great double album. A great guitar album- with Eric Clapton and Duane Allman. At the time the album failed to chart in the UK and only reached #16 in the US- and it got a lot of poor reviews. Over the years of course the perception of the album has changed and many view this as Clapton’s greatest work. Layla has to be on any shortlist of greatest rock songs ever. I never get tired of hearing this and I want to hear this version- not that Unplugged version from the 90’s where he slows it up.  I Looked Away, Bell Bottom Blues, Anyday, Have You Ever Loved A Woman, the cover of Hendrix’ Little Wing are favorites.

The European album cover, showing 4 greek Koroi statues and the name of the band

  • TIN MACHINE: TIN MACHINE II: 1991: 3 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: I think I like the first Tin Machine album more- but both are good and worth a listen. I think Bowie was smart at cutting it short at two albums as a band member. Some have said that Tin Machine was ahead of their time- that their grunge- alternative style which would become popular in the 90’s- hadn’t arrived yet. I remember at the time the band receiving harsh reviews which I think have been corrected over the last 30 years. Not great but good.

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  • WARREN ZEVON: WARREN ZEVON: 1976: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: I always think of this was Warren’s debut album but he did have a 1969 album that sold like 5 copies at the time under the name of Zevon- called Wanted Dead Or Alive which was a total dud. This is his finest album due to the songwriting. I can’t believe this wasn’t included in the 1001 albums to hear list. Linda Ronstadt made a living in the late 70’s partly covering some of Warren’s songs from this album. The album only went to #189 on the album charts- it was produced by Jackson Browne. There was a star studded cast- The Eagles, Buckingham and Nicks, Phil Everly [he had been in The Everly Brothers band at one time} Bonnie Raitt and Carl Wilson are all on the album. I can’t pick out a favorite song because all eleven are great and I do mean great. Zevon would gain attention with his next album “Excitable Boy” with Werewolves Of London- and that is when I first heard of him- and of course had to go back and get this gem- and every album afterward. Zevon was capable of writing a song about anything and in his career probably did. Ronstadt covered- Hasten Down The Wind, Mohammad’s Radio, Poor Poor Pitiful Me and Carmelita.


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