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1969 Song of the Day- “Dizzy” by Tommy Roe. A #1 song for four weeks in March 1969 in the US  it also went to #1 in the UK and Canada. Roe had ten Top 40 hits in his career including another #1 back in 1962 with “Shelia.” By this point Roe was doing bubblegum music which was popular in the late 60’s early 70’s. The famed Wrecking Crew back him up on this single. The song was written by Roe and Freddy Weller. I never liked or disliked this single- it was one of those songs that was kind of just there. If it was on the radio I didn’t turn the station but I wasn’t marveling over what a great single it was either. It was OK.  It was better than most of the other bubblegum from the period. It’s a song that makes me remember being eight years old.  Vic Reeves a British comedian and the alternative group The Wonder Stuff recorded this song and the single went to #1 in the UK in 1991.

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