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Today’s contribution Han’s- Worst Hits of the 1970’s is “Seasons In The Sun” by Terry Jacks.  “Seasons In The Sun” held down the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks in 1974. The year 1974 was not a banner year for pop music to begin with but this single would be a solid contender in that bad year- as possibly the worst of a bad bunch. {More 1974 s Hits are certain to appear- don’t want to reveal too much too soon on what they may be}

My sister who was seven years old at the time owned this single and I would regularly hear her playing it on her little portable record player- and I don’t know how many times I would step outside my room- hear the song and hear her crying as she played it. I told her a number of times “Quit playing that song if it’s making you cry.” but she kept playing it over and over and over for a period of time. Really my motives at the time were purely personal- she was playing the song as loud as her little player would play it- and I could hear it through the walls and it was such trash- that It was making me cry just having to hear it. Being an older brother I would torture her at times by singing the song to her at random times. “Stop it Hans, Mom make Hans stop singing that” was a usual response.  Recently I came across Terry Jacks album- of the same name used for like .94 cents and bought it for her. Years later I would mention this song to my sister-in-law and she would respond how much she liked that song [due to her name being Michelle}- she was born the same month and year as my sister.

Terry Jacks, a Canadian- was thirty years old in 1974 and this would be his only Top 40 hit in the US. Jacks in the early to mid 70’s tortured his native Canadians with seven hits up there. . Seasons In The Sun was originally going to be a Beach Boys song- with Jacks producing. The Beach Boys at that time were not the hit makers they were in the 1960’s- in looking it up- The Beach Boys hadn’t even had a hit since 1969 but they still had the good judgment to pass on this song leaving it to Jacks to have his season in the sun. The song was Rod McKuen’s adaptation of a Jacques Brel song from 1962. Jacks rewrote some of McKuen’s lyrics and the song doesn’t much resemble Brel’s original.

My sister wasn’t the only one who bought this single- it sold over 10 million copies and was also #1 in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland,  Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, and New Zealand. The plague was worldwide.




  1. My sister was one of the 10 million also… I can still see that single spinning and her wiping her eyes. I’m totally shocked that it sold that many! This was one of the two I was thinking of…that you haven’t used yet. One more to go.

    • I knew it was a US #1 but didn’t realized until today how big it was all around the world. How did the world survive?…I also don’t understand why someone [our sisters} would play this over and over knowing it would make them cry?

    • It was like a bad soap opera on a 45 single… I don’t get it either. The 10 million figure knocked me out. He probably made a fortune off of it.

    • Thanks.. there is an 80’s hit that immediately came to mind and I couldn’t recall was it 70’s or 80’s–it was 80’s- so I must expand!…. off topic- I see Roberts gets 4 years- good move by the Dodgers I believe. He’s doing a good job.

    • I can think of some also from the 80s.

      Yes and there are people upset…you can’t please everyone but it’s the right and only move to make… two years in a row.

    • It’s like around here with Steelers fans- Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season as coach- he is now in year 12. He’s not Bill Belichick- but only Bill Belichick is Bill Belichick. From September to the end of the season every loss you hear the Tomlin should be fired. 1- the last time the Steelers fired a head coach was 1968- 50 years ago. 2- as a local scribe pointed out this week- they won’t fire Tomlin because they would not be able to get anyone who is better than Tomlin. Unless they win the Super Bowl every year there will be unhappy people.

    • That is a great thing to have…consistency. The Dodgers had that until Lasorda retired with him and Alston.
      I wanted to ask you a question about the Steelers. Did they get a lot of backlash in the 80s when they didn’t pick Marino at first? Of course a lot of teams didn’t pick him but where he played college ball at…looking back it just surprises me.

    • The thing with the Steelers and Marino at the time. I am also a Pitt fan and was especially back then. Marino had a bad senior year and there were a number of rumours out there about him. The Steelers still thought they had Bradshaw for a couple more years and had a couple years earlier taken Mark Malone in the first round. They needed a pass rush and took Gabe Rivera from Texas Tech. Not even half way into his rookie season Rivera was in a car accident and was paralyzed for life. He just died a couple months ago btw… by all accounts it looked like Rivera was going to be a great one… also on Marino he was the 5th qb taken in that draft- everyone was down on him. Miami got a steal- sure down the road a couple years fans were ‘if we only took Marino”- after Bradshaw was hurt and Malone wasn’t all that great.. but at the time the Steelers got a pass- they had won 4 super bowls- i think most fans thought- they know what they are doing.. I do think it was probably best for Marino to get out of town- he was a Pittsburgh boy- went to Pitt- he needed a change and Miami was a perfect place for him- they had a pretty good team in need of a qb…..

    • If Miami would have believed in a defense…they would have won some Superbowls or at least one.
      A co-worker and I was talking about Marino and he brought that up. It looked like a natural fit but I get it about Bradshaw and the need for Rivera…that is terrible about him.

  2. I was wondering when you would get to this one. It’s in my top 5 worst, or would that be bottom 5? My aunt died young and one of her daughters was just a small toddler — named Michelle. They actually played this song at my aunt’s funeral she loved it that much. It’s sooooo pathetically sung I can see why little girls would cry. I also think you should carry this on beyond the 70’s, as today’s hit music continues to go downhill — at least in the eyes and ears of us oldtimers who remember when music was GOOD.

    • Maybe your aunt was wanting to ensure people cried at her funeral? Yes I agree music is going on a downhill slope. I know there were bad songs in the 60’s but not this bad-pathetic!! I wouldn’t even know where to start as far as today’s music.

    • Hans it was my aunt who died but there was no way — hopefully — that she knew she was going to die, but her kids glommed onto the song because they knew she loved it. I know exactly what you mean about today’s music. Have you heard of vocaloids?

    • Got ya. I hear of people who plan these things out- I guess it is good to have something you loved played at your funeral. I’ve thought about that… Vocaloids? I am not sure.

    • My understanding — limited understanding — is that a person sings into a machine that enhances it so it sounds “better”. I remember seeing a youtube or something where it played what Brittany Spears was singing, but via the vocaloid it sounded great while she was on stage. If that doesn’t give you a chill up your spine I don’t know what will.

    • What do they call it when the vocals are perfected? or supposedly made to sound better? Is that the same thing? Brittany needs all the help she can get!

    • I don’t know. But I did read that there exists — in hologram form — a singer that puts concerts on across the world — as a hologram! — and sells out the concerts. It freaked me out when I read/saw it. It looks like an anime character. If I can find it again will post the link.

    • I heard about this hologram stuff- didn’t they do that with Michael Jackson or was it father -in law? That is kind of weird. I think I read something recently about one coming up with Freddie Mercury?

  3. I loved this song when I was a kid. It made me cry too. Occasionally I still listen to it. It doesn’t strike me as a horrible song…Not good, but not deserving of shellacking. My husband on the other hand hates it. He 7 yrs older than I am, so it makes sense.

  4. While I didn’t hate this song back in the day (didn’t like it either) I do remember being perplexed that it was such a huge hit. But, as we’ve discussed previously, there were a ton of really crappy songs in the 70s that were awfully big hits (emphasis on awful).

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