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  • THE KINKS: THE KINKS ARE THE VILLAGE GREEN PRESERVATION SOCIETY: 1968: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: This album released 50 years ago today wasn’t well received back then- it sold 100,000 copies and didn’t even make the charts. That seems incredible. It is now recognized as one of The Kinks best albums- it is my favorite. Rolling Stone had it ranked #255 on their 500 greatest albums list. 15 songs on the album and they are all good to great. No hit singles the most familiar song would to most would be Picture Book which was used in a commercial a few years back.  There is a new deluxe edition that recently came out.


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  • THE BEATLES: THE BEATLES: WHITE ALBUM: 1968: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The recent box set re-issue version- I have seen a lot of comments comparing this re-issue to last summer’s Sgt. Pepper re-release and most are saying that this is a fine reissue but not in the league with Sgt. Pepper. To me it’s the opposite- the re-mastering of Sgt. Pepper was fine and all but didn’t change my opinion one way or the other. I have always held The White Album in great esteem but in listening to the re-mastering my opinion of the album is even greater. 50 years ago today The White Album was released- 1968 was a crappy year- Vietnam, assassinations, rioting in the US, Milhous elected POTUS- The White Album to my eyes and ears was the highlight of the year.

also listened the the first hour of this weeks Neon Beat on Radio George.


  1. Haven’t heard The Kinks one yet but will. White Album: I’ve learned more about it these last few weeks than I ever knew about it. Remember when Bono said as an intro to “Helter Skelter” on their “Rattle & Hum” LP, “This is the song Charles Manson stole from The Beatles? We’re stealing it back.”? You and the rest of the music afficianados out there who have been honoring The White Album these past weeks have done a damn fine job of replacing the memory associations for me with the album and for that I’m thankful ❤

    • I have seen more written on The White Album the past few days than any other album in a while- i think even more than Sgt. Pepper when it had it’s 50th birthday… Those memories were heavy on the album at one time I think they have been erased for the most part over time!

  2. Yes, 1968 was a terrible year for all the reasons you mention. Though I was really into the Beatles, I wasn’t yet much into albums at the time, given my young age, so somehow missed the importance & significance of the White Album back then. I’ve been listening to it bit by bit and have also read several articles about it.

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