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The countdown of the Top 40 Greatest Baseball songs continues- today #30 to #26.

#30 It’s A Beautiful Day For A Ballgame–Harry Simeone Songsters  1960  Ruth Roberts who had a songwriting credit for #35 I Love Mickey- also was a songwriter on this song and the New York Met’s theme song Meet The Mets. She also co-wrote Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues recorded by Buddy Holly and in 1969 The Beatles recorded it for their Let It Be project but their version hasn’t been released to date. This song for years would be used to begin each Dodger broadcast with the great great Dodgers play by play man Vin Scully. I find it interesting on social media at times so called baseball fans who want the season reduced back to 154 games or the playoffs shortened. I am all for year round play-give them the week of Christmas off- then start back up in the new year. It’s always a beautiful day for a ballgame. Note- the Harry Simeone Chorale would put The Little Drummer Boy into the Top 40 five years in a row 1958-62 around Christmas time.



#29 THE FIRST BASEBALL GAME- NAT KING COLE: 1961: Written by Don Raye and Gene DePaul and recorded by Nat King Cole in 1961. Nat had 26 Top 40 hits in his career but this wasn’t one of them. The origins of baseball go back to June 1846 but as Nat suggests here in his song the first baseball game may have went back a lot earlier. “If you take the good book and take a good look, you’ll find the first baseball game.”



#28JOE DIMAGGIO DONE IT AGAIN- BILLY BRAGG &WILCO: 2000:  Back in the late 90’s early 2000’s Billy Bragg and Wilco got together and took some lyrics of Woody Guthrie’s that had been previously unheard and put music to the lyrics. One of the songs on the second album was this- Joe DiMaggio Done It Again. It is probably neck and neck as to who has the most baseball songs written about them Joe D or The Mick. When I was growing up the older fellas I talked to who had seen Joe D play would swear he was the best ballplayer they ever saw. Mantle was just finishing his career when I was young but being interested in the history of baseball and all- I am more of a fan of The Mick than Joe.



#27 D-O-D-G-E-R-S SONG-{Oh really? No O’Malley } DANNY KAYE: 1962: Danny Kaye was a big baseball and Dodgers fan starting way back in Brooklyn, he was born in Brooklyn in 1911 and grew up there .  He wrote this song during the Dodgers- Giants pennant race in 1962. Kaye was a good friend over the years with Leo “The Lip” Durocher and often traveled with the Dodgers. Later on he was a part owner of the then expansion Seattle Mariners. He is said to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the game of baseball. I wonder how many under say 50 even know the name Danny Kaye? I’ve always loved this song even though I am not a Dodgers fan.


#26 LET’S KEEP THE DODGERS IN BROOKLYN: PHIL FOSTER 1957: Phil Foster is best remembered for playing Frank DeFazio in the television show Laverne and Shirley. He was born and raised in Brooklyn. Late in the 1957 it became known that Brooklyn’s beloved Dodgers were going to be moved to Los Angeles. Over the years the Dodgers owner at that time- Walter O’Malley has been the villain in moving the Dodgers- the major blame has to fall with the city of New York and mainly Robert Moses-the ‘master builder” who refused to work with O’Malley in the building of a new ballpark in Brooklyn. Moses wanted the ballpark to be in Queens whereas O’Malley stressed the Dodgers identity with Brooklyn. [A highly recommended book- The Power Broker- by Robert Caro- on Moses, one of the best biographies I’ve ever read- right up there with Caro’s ongoing series on Lyndon Johnson.} Anyway this was Foster’s pleading for O’Malley to keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn.  The truth also was- if you look at attendance figures- the Dodgers attendance from the late 40’s to the end was falling yearly- the area around Ebbets Field was becoming dangerous and even though the Dodgers were regularly going to the World Series and had their Boys of Summer teams people were not going to games as they once did. Also Ebbets Field did need replaced.