• LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM: GO INSANE: 1984: 4 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: I have always been more of a Lindsey Buckingham fan than a Fleetwood Mac fan. This was his second solo album put out during a hiatus between Fleetwood Mac albums. The first two songs were two of my favorites from 1984- I Want You and Go Insane. The rest of the album is very solid. Buckingham pretty much played everything on the album.

A black line drawing on brown of men building a railroad with a train riding on it toward the viewer

  • BOB DYLAN: SLOW TRAIN COMING: 1979: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Bob in his closing on sixty year career has always been full of surprises and this one may be right up there with his turning electric- maybe even more so- Bob enters his religious album period. One of his better produced and sounding albums. I always compare this to Van Morrison’s Into The Music. Bob’s religious albums are well religious- Van’s Into The Music and other material over the years spiritual. As good as this album is give me Into The Music as the better album with the better songs. This is the best of Bob’s religious period though- a great album.

Enlightenment (album).jpg

  • VAN MORRISON: ENLIGHTENMENT: 1990: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The string of pretty good Van albums which began with No Guru, No Method, No Teacher in 1986- continues into the 1990’s- favorites- Real Real Gone, In The Days Before Rock ‘N Roll, Enlightenment and So Quiet In Here.

also listened to this weeks three hours of Celtic Crush- now all caught up! Another great show.



  1. Great music block. “Gotta Serve Somebody” is a great tune. Funky. I can hear the Ray Charles in it.
    I’m a big Fleetwood Mac fan. I respect Buckingham’s Pop sensibilities and his unique finger picking/plucking guitar style. A very underrated guitarist that belongs with the best, I think. I love D.W. Suite. Wonderful.
    I’m not that familiar with Enlightenment. I’ll check it out. Morrison is one of music’s great stylist.

    • As far as Fleetwood Mac goes I am a big Lindsay and Christine McVie fan- not so much Stevie Nicks- as far as the songwriting -singing goes… Did Ray do Gotta Serve Somebody? If he didn’t he should have.

    • No Ray Charles didn’t, but I can hear the influence. I love all the members of Fleetwood Mac, yes even Stevie Nicks’ hippy dippy stuff. Ha! Sara, love that one. Ha! No shame here.
      But, yes, I’ve always preferred Christine McVie–better songwriter and musician. Technically a better singer, no doubt.

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