The Beatles Take “Abbey Road” Album Cover Photograph This Day 1969


On this day in 1969 The Beatles took the photo that would become one of the most iconic album covers of all times for their “Abbey Road” album. When I went to London 9 years ago the #1 thing on my list to see/do was to walk across the street where The Beatles did. It was right outside of the famous Abbey Road studio. Originally they were going to call the album “Everest” not for the mountain but for the grand of cigarettes Abbey Road recording engineer Geoff Emerick was smoking. They thought it would be a little too difficult to travel to Mt. Everest for the photo so they just walked outside of Abbey Road, traffic was held a while, they shot some pictures and they had their cover. Abbey Road would be their best selling album ever and one of their best. Personally my favourite Beatle album and my…

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One response to “The Beatles Take “Abbey Road” Album Cover Photograph This Day 1969

  1. A beautifully simple yet very memorable album cover!

    BTW, in case you didn’t see this, Paul McCartney recently recreated a version of the iconic image with himself in the now famous pedestrian crossing. It was his second recreation. The cover of his great 1993 live album “Paul Is Live” shows him in the same spot, together with a dog. According to Wikipedia, the dog was an offspring of a sheepdog dog called “Martha,” which had been the inspiration of “Martha My Dear.”

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