A photo of the Beatles – Ringo, Paul, George, and John – looking down over a stairwell railing

Rating The Beatles albums from #13 to #1. #13- Yellow Submarine #12-The Beatles For Sale #11 Let It Be, #10 With The Beatles  and now #9 on the countdown- their debut album Please Please Me. When ranking them- the difference in With The Beatles and Please Please Me came down to this- if I threw all the songs together what were the best songs on these two albums- I think the top songs are from Please Please Me- the title track, the greatest Beatles cover- Twist And Shout, I Saw Her Standing There and There’s A Place. After that I think they are about equal.

The Beatles recorded this on one day- February 11, 1963 in a 13 hour period of time. A pretty productive day 10 am to 10:45 pm with veteran producer George Martin. Who knew going into that day that what occurred would set the world changing?

The singles Please Please Me and Love Me Do had already been released and had been hits- what they wanted was to get The Beatles into the studio and get product out to capitalize on their success. At the time it was pretty revolutionary what they were doing- most groups did not write their own songs- and here you had a group with two songwriters who were getting better by the minute. Also remember at this point in time The Beatles weren’t the world wide monster they became- they were just four lads from Liverpool dreaming of rock music success. George Martin was assigned to produced them and he was the superior at this point and was the one who would decide what was released.  But they had in George Martin a perfect producer and man to work with. Back in the fall of 1962 he wanted a song they hadn’t written How Do You Do It to be their debut single. He told them it would be a #1. They reluctantly recorded it but didn’t want it to be released but their own-  Love Me Do to be released instead. Martin had all the power in this relationship he could have insisted that How Do You Do It be the single but he listened to them- and it was Love Me Do. Martin turned out to be correct -How Do You Do It- became a #1 but for Gerry and The Pacemakers- but The Beatles and Martin made the correct choice.

Like With The Beatles- Please Please Me has eight originals and six covers. I Saw Her Standing There was a great first track opener- ‘one-two-three-four”- Paul counts down at the beginning. A terrific original song. Other standout originals here- There’s A Place, Ask Me Why, P.S. I Love You- and the previously released singles “Love Me Do’ and “Please Please Me.” Do You Want To Know A Secret was written for George Harrison who had yet to begin writing songs- he also covered Chains. The Ringo song on here was the cover of The Shirelles “Boys”- not a clunker on the album in my opinion. I even considered placing this a little higher on my rankings. As Stephen Thomas Erlewine of AllMusic has said “Decades after it’s release it still sounds fresh” and I might add exciting.


  1. Hi Hans, I relly enjoy the back stories on how the Beatles came to write their songs. One thing I’ve always wondered about, was why the above album credits McCartney & Lennon as the songwriters but later records reverse the order to show Lennon & McCartney? Can you throw alight on this, please?

    • It was always Lennon- McCartney- because when it all began it was John’s band- he was older- etc…They agreed anything wrote by either man would go under the Lennon- McCartney….
      in recent years Paul wanted it so it would be McCartney-Lennon on the songs that he mainly wrote- and Lennon- McCartney on the ones John wrote–there were a lot of songs where John was the writer or Paul was– but Yoko objected to that and the idea was dropped…..

    • Okay, thanks Hans. So this first album’s writing credits were probably an administrative mistake made by the record company. Keep up the good work, mate.

  2. They were so fortunate that George Martin listened to them. I bet 90 percent of the producers at that time would have laughed at them and made them release “How Do You Do It.”

    • I know at times John and Paul both took shots at George after The Beatles were over–but they were very lucky to have him.

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