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In 1979 Lester Bangs was asked to write about his deserted island album in a collection called “Stranded.” Bangs was a great writer who happened to be a rock critic. He died in 1982 at the age of 33. His selection was Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks- and the attachment below is what he wrote about Astral Weeks. I have been reading rock journalists for forty plus years and this is the best thing I have ever read concerning rock journalism. When they speak of rock deaths that took away an artist who still had a lot more to give- Lester Bangs has to be mentioned. He was the greatest rock critic who ever lived in my opinion.


  1. I’ve always liked Bangs…I agree with you that he was the best. You know he lived through music and had such a passion…that is a great review.

    I also like Robert Christgau and Greil Marcus

    • Got a question for you- the second episode of season 2- the Harry Woofe episode- Sam and Gene are having a drink in the bar talking at the end and Sam says to Gene you want to know my appraisal of you- he says something I couldn’t make out… Gene says “Thank you’ and gets up to leave- what was it Sam said? I watched that scene 5 times and couldn’t pick up on it. Do you recall?

    • We were watching the Wire last episode of the first season…
      I just went there… Gene said no and then Sam said “It’s your round then” as in drinks… I know where you are coming from…When I first watched it I could not figure some out.

    • It happened to me many times during that show. Not only the cockney accent but the quickness of a line. I’m glad I heard it.

    • Yes it was… near the end I was hoping against hope that the cops would find Wallace or D’Angelo would find out and stop Wallace from getting killed.
      I like how they use “the game” on both sides.

    • It’s hard to believe all these years later- Michael B. Jordan was Wallace. One of my favorite of many favorite scenes in the show was the Alexander Hamilton scene. …. “Wallace, Where’s Wallace” yes hoping against hope he would somehow make it.

    • It did break my heart. We watched the last three episodes last night. Now I’m getting the second and third from the lawyer here. My son and I are hooked…it is awesome.

    • Yes a great show- which stays great until the end. They knew when to end it. The show doesn’t jump that shark! So many great characters my Mount Rushmore- Omar, Bubbles , Lester and Stringer. Glad you and your son are both hooked!

    • Yes! No question not only in police work but in other types of work also.. It was funny how at first they looked at Lester and his furnature making and thought he was worthless as a cop…

    • Yes and he ended up being the smartest of them all. Daniels…I like how he started to be a real cop and wanting to do the right thing.

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