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The 70’s on 7 replay this weekend of American Top 40- the week of July 15, 1972.  Overall a pretty good week- of course there is a couple Osmond appearances . A couple bad apples and Wayne Newton don’t spoil the whole bunch though. My grade beside the song.

1 1 LEAN ON ME –•– Bill Withers (Sussex)-13 (2 weeks at #1) (1) A
2 4 TOO LATE TO TURN BACK NOW –•– Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose (United Artists)-8 (2) B
3 2 OUTA-SPACE / I WROTE A SIMPLE SONG –•– Billy Preston (A&M)-18 (2) B
4 3 SONG SUNG BLUE –•– Neil Diamond (Uni)-11 (1) B
5 12 BRANDY (You’re a Fine Girl) –•– Looking Glass (Epic)-5 (5) A
6 7 ROCKET MAN (I Think It’s Gonna Be A long, Long Time) –•– Elton John (Uni)-11 (6) A
7 8 DADDY DON’T YOU WALK SO FAST –•– Wayne Newton (Chelsea)-13 (7) F
8 20 ALONE AGAIN (Naturally) –•– Gilbert O’Sullivan (MAM)-5 (8) A-
9 10 (If Loving You Is Wrong) I DON’T WANT TO BE RIGHT –•– Luther Ingram (KoKo)-7 (9) A
10 19 WHERE IS THE LOVE –•– Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway (Atlantic)-8 (10) A-

11 13 HOW DO YOU DO –•– Mouth and MacNeal (Philips)-12 (11) A
12 16 SCHOOL’S OUT –•– Alice Cooper (Warner Brothers)-7 (12) A+
13 14 TOO YOUNG –•– Donny Osmond (MGM)-6 (13) F-
14 17 TAKE IT EASY –•– Eagles (Asylum)-7 (14) B
15 15 LAYLA –•– Derek and the Dominos (Atco)-20 (15)  A+
16 18 I WANNA BE WHERE YOU ARE –•– Michael Jackson (Motown)-8 (16) B-
17 5 THE CANDY MAN –•– Sammy Davis, Jr. with the Mike Curb Congregation (MGM)-19 (1) A-
18 6 TROGLODYTE (Cave Man) –•– The Jimmy Castor Bunch (RCA)-10 (6) D
19 22 CONQUISTADOR –•– Procol Harum (A&M)-8 (19) B
20 9 I NEED YOU –•– America (Warner Brothers)-9 (9) B

21 11 NICE TO BE WITH YOU –•– Gallery (Sussex)-21 (4) A
22 33 LONG COOL WOMAN (In a Black Dress) –•– The Hollies (Epic)-4 (22) A
23 28 DAY BY DAY –•– Godspell (Bell)-9 (23) B
24 39 HOLD HER TIGHT –•– The Osmonds (MGM)-3 (24) F-
25 35 THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE U.S.A. –•– Donna Fargo (Dot)-8 (25) B
26 26 ALL THE KING’S HORSES –•– Aretha Franklin (Atlantic)-7 (26) B
27 31 PEOPLE MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND –•– The Stylistics (Avco)-9 (27) B
28 34 COCONUT –•– Nilsson (RCA)-6 (28) A
29 38 MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB / LITTLE WOMAN LOVE –•– Wings (Apple)-5 (29) D
30 57 I’M STILL IN LOVE WITH YOU –•– Al Green (Hi)-2 (30) A

31 27 I’VE BEEN LONELY FOR SO LONG –•– Frederick Knight (Stax)-13 (27) B
32 36 SEALED WITH A KISS –•– Bobby Vinton (Epic)-6 (32) D
33 23 (Last Night) I DIDN’T GET TO SLEEP AT ALL –•– The 5th Dimension (Bell)-16 (8) B
34 40 HOLD YOUR HEAD UP –•– Argent (Epic)-5 (34) B
35 37 SUPERWOMAN (Where Were You When I Needed You) –•– Stevie Wonder (Tamla)-9 (35) A
36 24 OH GIRL –•– The Chi-Lites (Brunswick)-15 (1)  A+
37 46 GONE –•– Joey Heatherton (MGM)-8 (37) D
38 25 I’LL TAKE YOU THERE –•– The Staple Singers (Stax)-15 (1) A+
39 47 MOTORCYCLE MAMA –•– Sailcat (Elektra)-5 (39)  C-
40 21 AMAZING GRACE –•– The Pipes and Drums and the Military Band of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (RCA)-9 (11  B

47 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40 – WEEK OF JULY 15, 1972

    • Maybe 4-5 terrible songs on it- Donny Osmond, Osmonds, Wayne Newton and a couple more. 1971 was a very good year.

    • Pretty cool when you can remember 70 or more percent of the songs…you give me one from 2010 and I would not know half as many.

    • I saw but didn’t read some Rolling Stone article on the top songs of this century.I think it was a top 100- I bet I wouldn’t know 10 of them. Should look the article up and see.

    • I try but I just don’t hear anything that sticks with me. There was one band a few years ago called Jet that got airplay that I liked a few songs from…but like the few other ones I like they vanish.

    • If I were feeling ambitious I’d find that Top 100 list and listen to every song.. but I know how I would feel about most of the songs so… why bother.

    • I know… I still like discovering old new music from you and other bloggers. That is enough to keep me happy because I still have a lot to listen to. Just like last night…that is new to me and it has been screened… That is lazy of me…

    • Yes there is a lot of stuff out there I have yet to discover that I will probably like- why waste time on music that most likely you wouldn’t enjoy.

    • That is true. I’m appreciative of suggestions you have given and others. Now I have more artists to discover and learn that I’ve missed. I just started to listen to Elvis Costello again… some artists I’ve found again.

    • We like the same types of music- tv and movies- like I said the other day no way would I have found Life On Mars but for your post. I had heard of it but thought it must be some sci-fi type show lol– going to start season 2 tonight.

    • It’s good to share good things. Believe me when I say I would have never thought to watch The Wire.
      Ok, I’m going to skim over it tomorrow night again. After you are finished you probably will want to check to see if they have Ashes to Ashes.

    • I glanced at their list- they had a couple Justin Bieber songs and Brittany Spears was at like #15… I don’t know what would make me smile more MTV going off the air or Rolling Stone Magazine going out of business.

    • And that is sad about Rolling Stone Magazine…It once was something I would look forward to reading. I had a subscription as a teenager.

    • Same here… somewhere they made a wrong way turn to think what it started out as- and what it has ended up as…very sad.

    • I remember getting them with more advertisements than articles it seemed like as I got older. They once were a major influence but now a joke.

    • They went from John Lennon on the cover of the first magazine to– the Justin Biebers’ now.. it’s all about trying to cash in. There were always great long articles back in the day- and I looked forward to the reviews… what they said used to matter.

    • Greed and no taste…
      I’m hoping history will repeat itself… like the early sixties when nothing was happening in music and then came the Beatles…I keep waiting but nothing is happening.

    • Do you think the music scene is too spintered now for that to happen? I know Beyonce is one of the big acts of the past 20 years but I can’t name one of her songs.. back in the 60’s and 70’s a radio station might play The Beatles- Marvin Gaye- Bob Dylan- Otis Redding all in an hour- different stuff- now its all categorized. Its up to the youth now maybe a generation will come along who won’t put up with it anymore!

    • Yes everything has a label and if you don’t have a label to what you are doing you are not getting played… an in between performer doesn’t have a chance. Also is radio the source of music anymore? Streaming and YouTube and other devices have taken radio’s place in someways.
      Music is so disposable now will it ever mean the same to people?

    • You are right- I think I am just behind times as far as where you go for the music. I like albums and cd’s–something I can hold in my hands and look at.. sometimes i forget you can find about anything you want on youtube and other sites.. to me that isn’t the same. I thought when it started out sirius/ xm would be different but it seems to be more of the same… free bird on the hour every hour.. the same rotation tired songs.. for the most part.

    • I remember listening to our Major rock station in Nashville in the 80s. They would play Quiet Riot but then they would play the Beatles. Not that I love Quiet Riot but at least it wasn’t just one thing.
      There are a few things I listen to on satellite radio. Major league baseball and the Beatles channel. But yes for the most part it’s the same worn out songs. Even on the Beatles channel I like when they do specials and interviews more than music.
      We have one college radio station that mimics the stations we grew up with. They will play new songs and old songs mixed in together.

    • I like hearing the variety. I don’t know if there is an American Top 40 type program today but I would bet there is very little variety in the top 40 today… listening to those old 70’s replays you had music from everywhere- and I like that. I think there would be a market for that but I could be wrong.. I like the special programs on The Beatles Channel also..

    • You said it with the word variety. It all comes back to the Beatles with me because when you mention variety what album do you think of? For me it’s the White Album and I have pointed that album out to a lot of my sons friends and they are blown away by it.
      My son is my link to the newer generation so it makes me happy that they like this stuff.

    • Yes The White Album was all about variety- what didn’t it have on it? The album was all over the place which is the source of it’s greatness…. it is still amazing when you think of it– it is closing on 50 years since they broke up and they are as big as they ever were…

    • I think but I could be wrong that they sold more in the 90s then they did in the 60s? I do know they were the top selling band between 2000 and 2010. I read that somewhere anyway.

      From Good Night to Helter-Skelter to Blackbird…

    • Yes they outsold Eminem who was #2 between 2000-2010. I wonder if they have the mark for 2000- to 2018? It wouldn’t surprise me.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me at all… what helped of course was the album 1 but the Beatles guitar hero package helped also to turn on a new generation… they are just part of the culture now… and they won’t go away anytime soon I don’t think.

    • Maybe because my son is the newer generation but his friends seem to like what we do and that is why I have a little hope.
      If you check the comments out on sites with Jimi Hendrix you will see comments made by 13-year-olds saying and how that was great and wish they had that now.

    • There are always young people who are ‘with it’- just need more numbers like your son and his friends… I haven’t seen Dylan in years but every time I saw him the crowd was a mixture of ages- from 70 to teens. I hope that is still like that. I haven’t seen Paul in years either- is the crowd like that there too?

    • Yes at Paul’s concert there was a mixture and I thought my son’s neck was going to snap off by turning his head at every young girl. Also Jake Bugg attracts old and young also so that was good to see on that end

    • A friend and I have went to see the Avett Brothers a few times- and we stick out- most of the fans seem to be college age hipsters. I would think their music would appeal to a wider range of ages…

    • I was surprised at the audience at Jake Bugg. A guy around my age shared his table so we could sit down. I thought I was going to be the proverbial sore thumb.

    • That is good to hear- a mixture for a young artist like that… I remember jeez 20 plus years ago going to see Hole and I stuck out like a sore thumb and I was only in my mid 30’s.

    • I do think it is getting better now I really do…
      Sounds like me going to daycare to pick up my 2 year old son and all the parents were 20-23 and I was 35…it was like… yes we waited longer..

  1. Of all the songs, the Argent song stands head and shoulders above the rest for me (don’t mention it is prog rock).
    Nowadays I don’t listen to the radio, music channels or youtube. For older stuff there’s a charity shop near me that does 3 CDs for £1. I have not listened to them yet, but the pile I bought yesterday includes indie stuff like Incubus, Interpol and Long Blondes, there was a Biffy Clyro and some Tori Amos, Siobhan Parr and Isobel Campbell. Occasionally I get some complete codswallop – part of the fun. For modern stuff I either cheap job lots or samplers from eBay. I like prog rock and the cover cd from Prog/Prognosis always has at least one track I like – not so often with Classic Rock mag. Bands I’ve been introduced to that way would be Anathema, Bram Stoker and of course Big Big Train (which has ex members of Stackridge, XTC, Beardfish and Spocks Beard in).

    • You mentioned not listening to radio these days- the only radio I listen to is Sirius/ XM at times for certain programs. Regular radio hardly ever. Does anyone? If you are looking for decent music probably not.

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