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The Buffalo Bills made the playoffs last season for the first time this century. Their last appearance was in 1999. They made the playoffs and now they seem to be falling apart- losing starters on their offensive line- trading their quarterback to Cleveland. They signed AJ McCarren from the Bengals but he’s just a stop gap quarterback in my opinion. The Bills hadn’t made the playoffs all those year but they were truly awful only a few times- a lot of 6-7 and 8 win seasons- good enough to be competitive- not good enough to be in the playoffs- and not horrible enough to get a bunch of top line picks like say the Browns [What good has all those picks done for the Browns? The Bills need help at QB-OL-WR- S and linebacker.

With the 12th pick in the 2008 NFL draft the Bills select QB- Josh Allen Wyoming. 6’4″ 237  4.75 in the 40. First of all you must be saying Josh Allen lasts until the Bills with pick #12? Very unlikely. Someone is going to trade up and Allen will probably be a top 5 pick. The Bills could be the team that does the trading up. Allen has the best arm in this draft and one of the best arms in any draft in recent memory. He is a project though. I don’t see him being ready to play next year. He needs to sit and learn for at least a year. Coming from Wyoming he should be a great fit for the weather in Buffalo.  He is also the quarterback who has the highest ceiling of any in this draft- but he also has a big bust factor too. I think he will do well in the NFL- but he could go the opposite direction. We shall see. Maybe the Bills get their best quarterback since Jim Kelly all those years ago.