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It has to be frustrating to be a fan of the Washington Redskins since Daniel Snyder bought the team back in 1999. Snyder has been willing to spend money to bring in players but they are usually ‘name’ players who are either past their prime or when they come to Washington- they don’t work out well. The Redskins have also been a team that have made the playoffs 5 years under Snyder but never two back to back seasons. A Typical Skins run looks like 2004 -6 wins, 2005- 10 wins and 2006 back to 5 wins or- 2011-2013 with 5 to 10 to 3 wins. The last Redskins playoff victory came after the 2005 season.

For the past few years the management showed great disrespect towards their quarterback Kirk Cousins who has done a pretty good job when you consider the lack of weapons he’s had to play with on offense- before finally letting him go off to Minnesota in the off-season. They have brought in Alex Smith in a deal from KC. Smith should be a fix for a couple years at least. They would probably like to get a down the road replacement in this draft if possible. Other Redskins needs-a big need is the DL- LB, CB- OG. Their run defense was awful- they need someone in the middle of the line- so with that in mind—

With the 13th selection in the 2018 NFL draft- the Washington Redskins select Vita Vea- DL- Washington 6’5″ 332 5.10 in the 40. Vea can play anywhere on the line- from end to nose tackle. Put him in the middle of the line and his combination of size, strength and quickness- he would play a major role in the improvement of the Redskins run defense.