Over the years I have been to baseball games at 34 different baseball parks. 17 of them are still in use- 17 of them are now gone forever. My home park PNC Park in Pittsburgh I would rank the 2nd best out of the 34. It is a great place to see a game but my all time favorite has to be old- underrated Tiger Stadium in Detroit. I’ve been to the celebrated Fenway in Boston and Wrigley in Chicago- neither are close to Detroit. I ended up going to about 20 games at Tiger Stadium- the last season I made it up there for 8 games including the next to last game ever played there. It wasn’t my home ballpark- it was 5 hours away but once I went to my first game there in 1990- I fell in love with the place.  I am sure there were bad seats in the place- as far as the views go but I never found them. I will admit that the seats were small and the leg room was too but there what a great place to see a ballgame. I can close my eyes and still picture the place. It has been nearly 20 years since the new ballpark has been there but I have yet to go to a game at the new place. Maybe this summer.

I bought the Tiger Stadium t-shirt- and a few more as well during that last season of games there.


    • I never saw a game at The Stick. My brother and I were going to the ballparks- and left Seattle for SF- Got to SF for a Thursday afternoon game. The last day of a homestand… the Giants were struggling at the time- there were a few rain drops and the game was called..

  1. The old ballparks evoke a sentimental longing for me yet the reality was many of them were not that great. Cleveland Stadium – pole obstructions, Old Tiger Stadium and Comisky Park – “creepy” environs outside…

    • I never strayed far from the ballpark at Tiger Stadium. As long as you were near the ballpark it seemed safe to me. Never saw a game at Old Comiskey- sure wish I had.

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