rs-241621-1b8a1074Day 3 of the Project 1500 albums.


  • JOHN LENNON/YOKO ONO: DOUBLE FANTASY: 1980. 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS. It is impossible still to listen to this album which was released only a couple weeks before John Lennon’s assassination- and not be influenced by what happened on December 8, 1980 in assessing the album. It contains my favorite John Lennon solo song “Watching The Wheels.” The album is back and forth from a John song to a Yoko song. Not a big Yoko fan but her songs are listenable. I never listen to this album and skip over her songs. John was robbed of his life at such a young age and we were I am certain robbed of a lot of interesting music.
  • FOO FIGHTERS: FOO FIGHTERS: 1995 FOUR STARS OUT OF FIVE STARS. A year after Kurt Cobain’s death this at least to me came out of nowhere. I expected Dave Grohl would end up as a drummer with some other band. I never expected he’d go on to have such a successful career on his own. He pretty much did everything on this album. A surprise favorite from the summer of 1995.
  • PAUL SIMON: GRACELAND: 1986. FIVE STARS OUT OF FIVE STARS. Paul Simon at the peak of his solo career. A landmark album of the 1980’s, received universal acclaim upon release. Sounds as good today as it did 31 years ago. Won the Grammy for album of the year- a rare time they got it right. Not a bad song on the album.
  • AVETT BROTHERS: I AND LOVE AND YOU: 2009. The Avett’s best album and most popular album. Their breakthrough album. Their best sounding and best bunch of songs. The three albums that have followed this one are all good but they haven’t reached such heights since, in my opinion.
  • LYDIA LOVELESS: INDESTRUCTIBLE MACHINE: 2011: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS. A recent acquisition. This is my first listen. I had heard of her thought the Sound Opinions podcast and was familiar with her song “Steve Earle.” Hard to believe she was only twenty years old when she made this album. File under Americana. Country-punk. Very impressed on first listen.
  • DAVID CROSBY: LIGHTHOUSE: 2016. 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS. A late life surge by David Crosby, two critically acclaimed solo albums in the past few years. David Crosby is 75. Now, thirty years ago I wouldn’t have placed a dollar on David Crosby no matter what the odds on  seeing 55 let alone 75. What a life he has led.
  • COURTNEY BARNETT: SOMETIMES I SIT AND THINK AND SOMETIMES I JUST SIT: 2015. FIVE STARS OUT OF FIVE STARS. Mrs. Postcard turned me on to this album that really rocks. Debut album. Its been two years I hope she has a second album coming out this year?  Very enjoyable listen.