My Mount Rushmore of Music Artists is easy to select. The Beatles are far and away #1, followed by Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello and Steve Earle.

I remember where I was the first time I heard a Steve Earle song. It was 1996. I was in my car with the radio on. I can still tell you the spot in the road where I was at when “Guitar Town” came on the radio. After the song the DJ said who the artist was, I wrote the name down and the next day went to the local record store and purchased what was his debut album, “Guitar Town.” Not only was the song “Guitar Town” a great song but the album was full of great songs/ songwriting. I was a fan for life. At that point in his career Steve Earle fell under the country music label. It went to #1 on the Billboard Country Album chart. Over the years Steve’s music has been all over the place, from rock to country to the blues, he falls under what is now called Americana.

I went to see Steve Earle a year or so later when he was opening for Bob Dylan. I was as excited to see Steve as I was Bob. Over the years I have been to more Steve Earle concerts than any other artist- over two dozen times. No one is even close. Still as big of a Steve Earle fan now as I was 31 years ago.

The above t-shirt is from his third album- “Copperhead Road”, the title song being the most well known Steve Earle song. That album was a rock album. I bought the shirt at a concert in the mid- 1990’s when he was making his comeback after being silent for years due to drug addiction. He was on a bluegrass tour at the time supporting his “Train A Comin’ album- one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.