2016 was a very bad year for celebrity-notable deaths. A year like no other in fact. January of 2017 started out slow but as the month ended sadly it started to heat up. A list of notable passing’s  for January 2017-

January 4- Milt Schmidt- 98  Hockey Hall of Famer.

January 7 Nat Hentoff 91 Village Voice music critic and columnist.

January 8- Roy Innis 82 Civil Rights activist

January 8- Jackie Brown 73 former MLB player and coach.

January 12- William Blatty-89 author of “The Exorcist”

January 12- Graham Taylor-72 English soccer player/manager

January 15-Greg Trooper 61 singer-songwriter

January 15- Jimmy “Superfly” Sunka 73 professional wrestler.

January 16 Gene Cernan 82 NASA Apollo astronaut. Last man to walk on the moon.

January 18- Red Adams- former MLB player and longtime pitching coach for LA Dodgers.

January 19- Miguel Ferrer 61 actor.

January 21- Maggie Roche 65 “The Roches” music group

January 22 Pete Overend Watts 69 bassist “Mott The Hopple”

January 22 Yordano Ventura 25 pitcher Kansas City Royals

January 22 Andy Marte 33 former MLB player.

January 23  Gorden Kaye 75 actor “Allo Allo!”

January 24 Butch Trucks 69 drummer “Allman Brothers ”

January 25 Mary Tyler Moore 80 actress “The Dick Van Dyke Show”. “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”

January 25 Sir John Hurt actor “The Elephant Man”

January 26 Mike Connors 91 actor “Mannix”

January 26 Barbara Hale 94 actress ” Perry Mason”

January 31- John Wetton 67 singer, bassist- Asia, King Crimson.

January 31- Bobby Freeman 76 singer “Do You Want To Dance”

Did I miss anyone?